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The Crown Chakra – How to Unblock it to Achieve Elevated Consciousness And Divine Connection

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Are you living each day with the “something’s missing” feeling? A nagging reminder that you aren’t living to your full potential and connecting with others as you could? This lingering gut feeling is a sign that you're disconnect and it's time to to tap into your limitless powers and live a more fulfilled life – by unblocking the crown chakra. 

The crown chakra, also known as the Sahasrara meaning “the divine bridge”, is located at the top of the head. The crowning jewel of all the chakras – it flaunts the color violet or white that’s associated with enlightenment and spiritual awakening. It’s believed to be the most powerful energy center. 

Its symbol is the thousand-petal lotus flower, which stands for the infinite potential of consciousness and the infinite possibilities of the soul. This mysterious energy center acts as a gateway to your divine self and to the greater cosmos. By balancing a blocked crown chakra, you can explore the depths of your own spirituality, receive spiritual guidance from other dimensions, and manifest your goals in physical reality. 



What are the symptoms of a blocked Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra affects your physical stability and coordination. Some of the physical  symptoms of a blocked crown chakra include:

  • Poor body coordination
  • Frequent headaches
  • Problems with learning and concentration
  • Sensitivity to sound and light

As the crown chakra governs your thoughts, a blockage prominently manifests in emotional and mental signs such as:

  • Feeling confused or having “analysis paralysis”
  • Looking for constant drama in your life
  • Lack of empathy and connection 
  • Feeling purposeless and disinterested

How to Unblock the Crown Chakra

Blockages in the chakras can manifest as joylessness, an inability to connect with others, and flat-out misery. But when the crown chakra is in harmony, you’ll experience increased intuition, expanded consciousness, and enhanced creativity because you are connected to Source.

A healthy crown chakra brings you both inner peace and clarity of purpose. If you find yourself experiencing crown chakra blockage, try these techniques and meditations to restore it. 

Foods to Comfort Crown Chakra

Violet-colored foods like prunes, plums, beet, eggplant, purple cabbage, red grapes, and blackberries also tune in the crown chakra. Fresh and organic foods that promote well-being, sesame seeds, almonds, brown rice, brown bread, and hearty broths are also recommended.

Herbs like lavender, ginger wood, sandalwood, and mugwort facilitate cleansing and promote spiritual clarity. 



Healing Crystals To Open Crown Chakra

Crystals and stones cleanse, heal and balance the chakras by channeling their vibrational energies into your body. These clear white and purple stones and crystals are some of the best for healing the crown chakra. 

    • Diamond: Enhances connection between body and mind and creates a positive aura
    • Amethyst: This purple crystal raises your intuition and psychic vibrations
    • Moonstone: A highly intuitive stone that helps in spiritual healing and processing grief
    • Selenite: Connects you to the higher realm and live purposefully
    • Clear Quartz: Removes chakra blockages and regulates energy flow
    • Sugilite: Makes you courageous and embrace your hidden potential

To use the crystals, hold them in your palms or place them on the crown of your head during meditation or when sitting idle. 

Another creative way to use them is through a crystal grid. To create a crystal grid, simply place your crystals on a flat surface in patterns you like. From your lucky number to your favorite letters, make any shape you desire.



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Yoga And Meditation Poses for Aligning Crown Chakra

To perform a crown chakra meditation, sit in a meditative pose by closing your eyes and drawing focus to the top of your head. Take a deep breath in and then exhale. Visualize a white or violet light radiating outwards from your crown and filling your body. Stay in this position for 5-10 minutes. 

You can then move on to these yoga moves that target the crown chakra. 


When practicing these, focus on the crown chakra and gently guide your breath in and out of the center of the head. With consistent practice, you’ll begin to experience a greater sense of spiritual connection and inner peace.

Affirmations for Balancing the Crown Chakra 

To balance your crown chakra, perform the meditation technique mentioned above and repeat the following affirmations out loud:

“I honor my body as a temple of my soul”
“I am love”
“I am joy”
“I am freedom”
‘I am peaceful, whole, and balanced”
“I am complete and one with divine energy”


The crown chakra is the place of your most creative, intuitive, and spiritual energy. When open, the crown chakra brings clarity, higher vibration, and connection with your divine self. When blocked, you can experience a loss of vitality, creativity, and feel disconnected from your spirit. 

To unblock this chakra, use meditation, yoga poses, and affirmations, and take a moment every day to connect with your divine self. Mastery of this chakra is key to creating lasting changes and coping with life’s curveballs.