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What Is The Sacral Chakra And Why Balancing It Matters

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What is the meaning of sacral chakra?

 The second of the seven chakras in the human body – the first being the root chakra  – the sacral chakra is responsible for our physical, emotional, and creative fulfillment. 

If you’re wondering where the sacral chakra is located in my body – your sacral lies just two inches below your navel. It’s in the center of your lower belly and your back and governs your sexual organs, abdomen, and hips.  

Connected to the feelings of intimacy, trust, and creativity, the sacral chakra helps you express yourself and build a bond with others. It’s the chakra of emotions, feelings, and pleasure. 

Also known as Svadhisthana, meaning the ‘abode of the self, the core element of the sacral chakra is water.  This connection of the chakra with water explains how it maintains the flow of energy in our body. 

What happens when your sacral chakra is blocked

As your sacral chakra is connected to your emotions and sexual expression, a blocked sacral chakra can manifest in physical symptoms like:

  • Bladder and kidney issues
  • Discomfort during sex
  • Impotence, infertility, or erectile dysfunction
  • Urinary/Reproductive problems, premenstrual syndrome, and ovarian cysts
  • Pelvic or lower abdominal issues

An imbalance in sacral could also lead to psychological issues like:

  • Low sex drive
  • Overindulgence in sexual fantasies
  • Difficulty in getting creative ideas
  • Loneliness or anxiety
  • Depression and insecurity
  • Commitment Issues or resistance to intimacy
  • Trouble setting boundaries
  • Experiencing nightmares or unpleasant emotions during sleep
sacral chakra, unlock sacral chakra, heal sacral chakra, meditation, yoga, chakra healing

How does the sacral chakra get blocked?

Before moving to how to unblock your sacral chakra, let’s talk about how the sacral chakra gets blocked in the first place. The human DNA is a very powerful entity that encodes the energy from our experiences and memories. Your childhood experiences such as sexual abuse or past trauma are one way that your body may have a blocked sacral chakra. 

To say it succinctly, unexpressed emotions, stifled desires, and enduring trauma could be blocking your sacral chakra. 

How to heal the sacral chakra?

Crystal Chakra Essential Oils

Specific essential oils are very effective in balancing the chakras when you directly apply the oils on your skin or mix it in your bath water. According to Aromaweb, oils such as sandalwood, maasoia bark, jasmine,  galangal, ylang-ylang, clary sage, cardamom, bergamot, sweet orange, tangerine, and neroli open your sacral chakra. 

Sacral Chakra Crystals and Stones

Crystal and stones flaunting orange and reddish tones heal the sacral chakra. Unakite, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Citrine, Sunstone, Snowflake Obsidian, Moonstone, Amber, Aragonite, Tiger’s Eye, Goldstone, and Orange Calcite are some of the healing crystals and stones to open your sacral chakra. 

If you want to dig deeper and be a certified crystal and chakra healer, this course contains all you need to know. 

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Sacral Chakra Meditation

A meditation technique that draws focus to the water element or the color orange has a healing impact on the sacral chakra. Start by sitting in a meditative pose and calming your senses. Once comfortable, visualize the color orange emerging from your lower abdomen and spreading to the rest of your body. Activate this energy flow from your sacral chakra throughout your entire body.  

Also, activities such as belly dancing, which use your hips and express your emotions can unblock the sacral chakra. 


Sacral Chakra Foods

Foods that are helpful for reproductive health or look like sexual organs can help to balance your sacral chakra. Think of foods that resemble the vulva or the phallus like pomegranate, peaches, papaya, eggs, figs, etc.

As orange is the color of the sacral chakra, eat orange-hued foods to support your sacral. Your top choices are passion fruit, nectarines, pumpkins, mandarins, mangos, persimmons, carrots, apricots, peppers, oranges, bananas, and sweet potatoes. 

Moreover, since water is the governing element of the sacral chakra, stay hydrated and eat foods with high water content to activate the sacral chakra. 

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Sacral Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations are empowering phrases that you repeat to yourself to empower your mind through your self-consciousness. They are also an effective method to balance your sacral chakra. The affirmations for removing your sacral chakra blockages revolve around fortifying the feelings of trust, creativity, and sexuality. Before chanting your sacral chakra affirmations take a deep breath in, imagine filling your body with the color orange, and repeat the following:

“I am lovable”

“I am kind and compassionate”

“I feel good about my body”

“I am desirable”

“I express my feelings in a positive way”

“I have an abundance of creativity”

“I am a passionate being”

The sacral chakra vibration is believed to be a frequency of 210.42 Hz so using sound healing instruments set to that frequency can also be helpful. 

By listening to solfeggio frequencies you can also open your sacral chakra, get rid of past negative emotions, and unleash a wave of creativity and positivity.

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