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How We Cleanse Our Products

Every order is blessed with intentions and Reiki by a level 3 Reiki Master. No matter which warehouse your items are shipped from, we either use direct or distance methods to send you positive vibrations.

Because products can absorb unwanted energies before reaching our warehouses and during the shipping process, this can lower their healing power, regardless of how lovingly our artisans craft them.

We sometimes also incorporate sound baths to cleans our products. This type of cleansing has been used for centuries where the singing bowl frequencies help to remove any negative energy. 

While we always advise that you additionally cleanse your products upon arrival, we do our very best to have them delivered to you at the highest vibration possible. 


This is how we cleanse and bless our customer’s items (fairy mode) before sending them out.

♬ original sound - Vickie Gould