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Unlock Your Dreams with Vision Boards: Harness the Power to Manifest Your Goals!


If you follow the likes of Jim Carey, Katy Perry, Will Smith, Lilly Singh, or Oprah, you might already be privy to their manifestation secret. All these celebrities have one thing in common: they made vision boards to power up the law of attraction and reach their dreams.


Maybe manifestation didn’t work for you before, making you believe it’s for the rich and powerful. But that’s not true.  With sincere intentions, concrete action steps, and the right tools, your can morph your dreams into life. And a vision board is one of the tools that can amplify the law of attraction to work in your favor.


Whether you want to improve your health, your relationships, or your personality traits – vision boards can help you get it all. Find out what vision boards are and how to create one to make your wishes come true.


What are Vision Boards

Remember in high school when your art teacher asked you to make a collage of all your favorite memories? You would spend hours feeling artsy, collecting your prized pictures, and then gluing them on a poster to create your memory collage. A vision board is similar– a crafty collage of images and words that represent what you want from life. In other words, a visual representation of your dreams and goals.


“I prefer calling the vision board an ‘action board,’ because it’s a collage that you create with metaphorical representations of what you want your life to look like. But it has to be backed up by your actions rather than merely a vehicle for daydreams of second homes abroad and lots of money,” says neuroscientist, medical doctor, and executive coach Tara Swart


Vision boards hold magical powers because they are constant reminders of your desires, values, and plans.  Each time you look at your vision board, it helps you focus your intention and energy on your goals.



What is the Connection Between the Law of Attraction and Vision Boards?

The connection between the law of attraction and vision boards is powerful. The law of attraction says you attract what you want. And if you focus your thoughts and energy on a specific outcome, you can make it your reality.

Since a vision board makes you visualize the things you want to attract, this desire works in sync with the universe to make those come true. 


There’s another scientific reason behind how vision boards work. It’s through a concept called value tagging. It suggests that our brain gives selective importance to matters on top of our minds. So when you frequently visualize your goals through the images and words on the vision board, you condition your brain to recognize opportunities that would have otherwise drowned in the digital noise.


So if you want to start using the law of attraction to manifest the life of your dreams, start by creating a vision board! 



How to create a vision board

Creating a vision board is a pleasurable and fruitful activity that gives more joy than the effort it takes. You can create a solo visual board with your family or partner. Here are the steps you need to create a vision board and have fun along the way:


Get Your Stuff – The first step in making a vision board is gathering all your visual aids. These could be pictures, quotes, affirmations, or things representing your deepest desires. A google image of your dream home, the title of your ideal career, or the avatar of your perfect partner – add a visual cue to all your fancies. Don’t hold back on what you want!


Bring The Base – Next, you’ll need a canvas or cardboard as a base for your board. Skip this when using a wall or door as a board or going for a digital vision board using Canva. Collect the decor goodies – markers, glitter, laces, or other cute stuff for the next step.  


Swap And Shuffle – Once you have curated your visual aids, it’s time to get crafty. Arrange and rearrange your items on the board until you’re pleased with the final layout. Don’t glue anything to the board yet. Take a moment to admire your work. 


Are you Sure About This? – Next, it’s time to revisit your intentions for manifestation. Look at the board and ask, “Does this represent everything I want in my life?”  You would know your board is ready when what you see on it speaks to your soul.


Keep Looking – Once satisfied, glue the visual aids to the board and hang it in a strategic location where you can see it often. Like your living room wall, the refrigerator, or a cabinet door.

You can also take a photo of your vision board and set it as the background of your phone or computer.

You Have It Already –  As you look at your vision board, feel the emotions and sensations of having achieved your goals already. Imagine that you are already living the life that you desire. And focus on how great you are feeling at that moment. This process of visualization will manifest your desires into reality.



How to Update Your Vision Board?

As the year passes, my husband likes to take the pictures that have come to reality off of his vision board. But, he doesn't throw the picture away. Instead, he glues an envelope on the back of his vision board and keeps those photos in the envelope. Periodically, he looks at the photos in the envelope to remind himself that he has manifested a lot in life! It helps him to keep going after the other items on his board. 


With time, you’ll feel the need to refresh and refine your vision board to make it more effective and relevant. You can update your vision board as often as you want or make a new one. As long as you are taking action on your vision and plans, you are free to mix things up -- there really are no rules.


Add new images and swap the goals already manifested with newer ones. You can also rearrange items as per your manifestation priority. Keep track of your progress by adding markers or photos of you achieving your goals. It’s a great way to measure how far you’ve come and reinforce your belief in the power of dreams. 


Creating a vision board is a powerful tool for manifesting your dreams.  Remember to choose items that truly resonate with you, and allow yourself to visualize and feel the positive emotions and sensations as if you've already achieved your goals.

So if you're looking forward to a new life, make a vision board and see what happens!  You might get the life of your dreams.