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Global Belly Laugh Day: Drumming Up Happiness and Positive Vibes

Ever seen a baby giggling like crazy? It's like a happiness bomb that explodes everywhere! Guess what? When you laugh, your brain releases special things called "endorphins" which act as natural mood elevators. This biochemical reaction not only reduces stress but also enhances our immune system. So, in essence, laughter is not just a simple expression of joy; it's a powerful force that promotes physical and mental health. The sheer joy emanating from a hearty laugh is contagious, lifting spirits and creating an atmosphere of positivity. Let's celebrate Global Belly Laugh Day by drumming up happiness and positive vibes. 



Now, check out these awesome ways to boost those fantastic endorphins: 

  1. Laughter Yoga: Yep, it's a thing! Join a laughter yoga class or simply laugh for a few minutes every day. It might sound silly, but it's a fun way to get your brain to release those mood-boosting endorphins.

  2. Exercise: Get moving! Whether it's dancing, jogging, or doing jumping jacks, physical activity triggers the release of endorphins.

  3. Chocolate Time: Good news for chocolate lovers – dark chocolate can stimulate the production of endorphins. Just remember, moderation is the key to happiness here!

  4. Sunshine Breaks: Spend some time in the sun. Natural sunlight can boost serotonin levels, which, in turn, helps produce more endorphins. So, grab your shades and soak up that sunshine.

  5. Positive Affirmations: Repeat positive affirmations daily. When you focus on positive thoughts, your brain responds by releasing those delightful endorphins. It's like a little mental pep talk for a mood lift.

  6. Creating Music Magic: Engage your creative side by making music! Whether you play an instrument, sing, or experiment with digital beats, creating music is a fantastic way to elevate your mood and let those endorphins dance to your unique rhythm.


Sound and Relaxation:

The influence of sound on our well-being goes beyond laughter. Research suggests that various types of sound, such as music or rhythmic beats, can release relaxation hormones, inducing a sense of calm and tranquility. Just like laughter, music has the power to uplift our spirits and create a positive environment. Check out these fantastic benefits of sound:

  1. Stress Relief: The right kind of sound can be like a mini-vacation for your brain. It helps lower stress levels, making you feel more relaxed and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

  2. Better Sleep: Ever listened to a soothing melody and felt your eyelids getting heavy? Sound can be a lullaby for your mind, promoting better sleep and helping you wake up feeling refreshed.

  3. Mood Booster: Whether it's your favorite song or the beat of a drum, the right sound can instantly lift your mood. It's like a musical pick-me-up that turns a regular day into an awesome one.

  4. Mindfulness and Focus: Certain sounds, like gentle waves or calming rain, can help you stay present and focused. It's like a secret weapon for tackling homework or getting through a busy day.

  5. Emotional Connection: Sound has this amazing ability to evoke emotions. Whether it's the lyrics of a song or the rhythm of a drum, it connects with your feelings and can be a powerful form of self-expression.


Beats and Drumming:

Speaking of beats, the rhythmic vibrations of drumming have been associated with numerous health benefits. Drumming is more than just a musical activity; it's a form of expression and a means of connecting with oneself and others on a deeper level. Creating your own drum becomes a spiritual journey, tapping into the primal instinct of rhythm and unity.


Photo courtesy of Life Changing Energy certified healer Alana Viola Stamper

The Spiritual Journey of Drum-Making:

Making your own drum can be a profound experience, aligning your mind, body, and spirit with the rhythmic heartbeat of the drum. The process of crafting a drum is not just a creative endeavor but a spiritual one, allowing you to connect with ancient traditions and the universal language of beats. Crafted with your own hands, and charged with your own spiritual energy, the drum resonates with your unique energy imprint. It is a medium for self-expression, a gateway to the spiritual realm, and a lifelong companion on your shamanic journey.

The Beat of Your Own Drum:

  1. Crafting Your Joy: Making your own drum is more than just a craft; it's a journey of self-discovery. As you assemble your drum, you're not just creating an instrument – you're crafting joy, happiness, and a unique connection to the rhythm of life.

  2. Spiritual Resonance: Crafting a drum becomes a spiritual experience, tapping into ancient traditions and the universal heartbeat of humanity. It's your personal invitation to dance to the rhythm of your own existence.  

    Photo courtesy of Life Changing Energy certified healer Amy Morgenstern Steinhauser

As we celebrate Global Belly Laugh Day, let's embrace the power of laughter, sound, and drumming to elevate our spirits and promote overall well-being. Whether you're enjoying a good laugh, immersing yourself in soothing beats, or crafting your own drum, these activities are not just enjoyable – they're pathways to happiness and fulfillment. So, on this special day, don't just think about it – just do it!


Get ready to laugh and drum – the excitement is waiting for you! If you want to take your drumming skills to the next level, check out our Drum-Making Journey - Shaman Drum Kit and Course HERE.