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Drum-Making Journey - Shaman Drum Kit and Course, BONUS Rattle Kit
Drum-Making Journey - Shaman Drum Kit and Course, BONUS Rattle Kit

Drum-Making Journey - Shaman Drum Kit and Course, BONUS Rattle Kit

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    Why Buy From Life Changing Energy

    For the first 25 orders: LIMITED TIME - FREE BONUS: Rattle Kit (value $40)

    Life Changing Energy has partnered with non-profit charity Brighter Healing Foundation to make this course and kit available to you. Proceeds from the sales go directly to Brighter Healing Foundation to help spread mind-body-spirit wellness.

    Embark on an extraordinary voyage into the heart of ancient traditions with the online  Drum-Making Journey course. This spiritual journey provides a unique opportunity to create your own shamanic drum, an instrument revered for its healing and mystical properties in cultures around the world.

    The experience begins with an introduction to the sacred process of drum creation using goat skin.

    • Goat: In many cultures, the goat symbolizes vitality, virility, and ceaseless energy. It is often associated with persistence, independence, and the willingness to explore new heights. A goat hide drum may be seen as embodying these attributes and can assist the drummer in tapping into this energy during spiritual or healing work. 

    Note: the spiritual significance of these animals can vary among different cultures and traditions, and individual connections to these animals can also influence the interpretation of their symbolism. 

    As you assemble your drum, you'll participate in rituals and ceremonies designed to imbue your instrument with spiritual energy and to forge a personal connection with it. You'll be taught to tune into your drum’s unique spirit, learning to 'listen' to it and 'speak' with it, building a bond as strong as between lifelong friends.

    Our Journey of Shamanic Drum Creation course isn't merely a lesson in crafting an instrument; it's a deep exploration of self, a pathway to spiritual growth, and a means to connect more profoundly with the natural world and the unseen forces that shape our lives.

    Your finished drum is more than just a product; it is a testament to your sacred journey. Crafted with your own hands, and charged with your own spiritual energy, the drum resonates with your unique energy imprint. It is a medium for self-expression, a gateway to the spiritual realm, and a lifelong companion on your shamanic journey.

    With your shamanic drum in hand, you are fully equipped to step onto the path of spiritual exploration and discovery, awakening the resonating rhythms that echo the heartbeat of Mother Earth. This sacred journey awaits you. Are you ready to answer its call?

    COURSE BONUS: If you choose to get the course, we've included a bonus tutorial on how to drum, teaching you to awaken the range of tones within your drum, and helping you express your unique spiritual rhythm. We'll demonstrate techniques to create different tones and rhythms, allowing you to connect deeper with your drum.

    Note: wild animal hides are used for our drums which means the rounds will not be uniform in thickness or look perfect. There may be scarring, cut marks, or sometimes a hole near the edge. This should not be considered a flaw, rather it reflects the life of the animal.