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Chakra Energy Chimes: All You Need to Know

What are Chakra Energy Chimes
If you’ve seen or used wind chimes, you may have noticed the similarity between a wind chime and Chakra Energy Chimes.  Beautiful, dainty aluminum rods above a wooden base make up the Chakra Energy Chimes. 

Each rod (either solo or as a set) corresponds to the 7 chakras and matches their frequency. The sounds emanating from the chimes help to balance your chakras that enrich your physical, mental, and spiritual health.
Chakra Energy Chimes, Sound Healing, Meditation, Wind Chimes, Chakra Healing
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Chakra Energy Chimes are played using a mallet to strike the aluminum rods and create alluring frequencies (see the frequencies here). And when you play them, their charming dissonance instantly relaxes and calms your nerves.
Chakra Chimes, Rainbow Chimes, Energy Chimes, Solo Wind Chimes, Sound Healing, Meditation,
Imagine the sound of the chimes eliminating the chaos and chatter in your subconscious - creating a soothing calm. This sound enhances your sense of peace and well-being.
The Origins Of Chakra Energy Chimes
While the Chakra Energy Chimes we know now are the offspring of wind chimes - they have evolved over several cultures and civilizations. The origins of modern chimes date back to Ancient China in 1100 CE when the Chinese made wind bells from bamboo or metal called ‘fengling’.  
These ‘fenglings’ adorned shrines and pagodas as good luck charms that attracted good spirits and fought off the evil ones. 
In the Edo period, the Japanese hung glass wind chimes called fūrin and considered them the harbinger of good luck and fortune.
Infact, throughout Asia wind chimes have been used in Feng shui to trick away lurking evil spirits. 
Japanese Wind Chimes, Furin, Sound Healing, Wind Chimes,
A Japanese Fūrin wind chime
When Japan started trading with other countries in the 17th century, wind chimes made their way to the western civilization. But even when these pretty sounding beauties were introduced to Europe and America, their popularity increased much later. It was only after World War II that people started to use the soothing sounds from wind chimes to their alleviate stress and anxiety. 
So the modern Chakra Energy Chimes we know today is the result of the evolution of sound and beliefs over centuries. Yet its impact on our lives remains the same. 
Benefits Of Chakra Energy Chimes
There are several ways you can make the chimes a part of your daily rituals:
1. You can use your Chakra Meditation Chimes like the Tibetan monks. They use small cymbals known as tingsha to begin and end a meditation session.
So you can use the pure, resonating sound from the chimes to cleanse the aura of your room. This will set the stage for a therapeutic session, yoga, massage, meditation, or sound baths.

2. You can also use chimes for cleansing purposes. Your office or home can be cleansed with the rich sound of the chime. 

3. Use your Chakra Energy Chimes to enhance your mind/body/spirit connection and cultivate a sense of peace and well-being.
Tones have a healing effect on our bodies, calm our minds and awaken our spirits.
The vibrations from sound release stress and emotional blockages, and calm the mind.This calming of the mind expands our conscious awareness and connection with the spirit.

4. Or increase your productivity and thinking ability by surrounding yourself with the calming, peaceful sounds of chakra energy chimes. 
How To Play Chakra Energy Chimes For Maximum Effectiveness
To play the Chakra Energy Chimes, gently tap the rod with your mallet. Let the chime emit the powerful frequencies to heal, cleanse and balance your chakras and immerse yourself in its bliss. 
When you hear the tone - focus all your energies, thoughts, and intention on the sustaining sound and chakra it corresponds to. The soothing sound helps you relax and lets positive energy flow through your entire body, re-aligning its flow.
The Chakra Energy Chimes at Life Changing Energy are made of high-quality aluminum to create the right dissonance and pulsating sound.
The tone from the chimes reverberates through your entire body, bringing you calm and peace. The rods of our Chakra Energy Chimes are color-coded and embedded with a powerful stone associated with each chakra. 
From left to right, here’s a breakdown of which Chakra the rods represent





Root Chakra

Security And Awareness


Sacral Chakra

Emotional State And Creativity


Solar Plexus Chakra

Power, Intellect And Self-Esteem


Heart Chakra

Empathy, Compassion, And Love


Throat Chakra 

Self-Expression And Clear Communication


Third Eye Chakra

Subconscious Knowledge And Sensory Perception


Crown Chakra

Spirituality, Enlightenment, And Consciousness