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White Selenite Moon And Sun Shape Bowl
White Selenite Moon And Sun Shape Bowl
White Selenite Moon And Sun Shape Bowl

White Selenite Moon And Sun Shape Bowl

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    Why Buy From Life Changing Energy

    This is is a decorative bowl made from white selenite crystal shaped like the moon and sun.

    The White Selenite Moon and Sun Shape Bowl can offer several benefits:

    1. Decorative Appeal: The bowl's unique design, resembling the moon and sun, adds a visually appealing element to any space, serving as an attractive decorative piece.

    2. Energy Cleansing: Selenite is believed to have cleansing and purifying properties. Placing crystals or other objects inside the bowl can help cleanse their energy and recharge them.

    3. Spiritual Connection: Selenite is often associated with spirituality and higher consciousness. The bowl can serve as a focal point for meditation, prayer, or spiritual practices, enhancing your connection to the divine or your inner self.

    4. Healing Atmosphere: Selenite is considered a healing crystal that promotes a sense of peace and tranquility. Having the bowl in your living space can create a serene atmosphere and aid in relaxation and stress relief.

    5. Display and Organization: The bowl provides a convenient and stylish way to display and organize small items such as jewelry, crystals, or other treasures. It can help keep your space tidy while adding an elegant touch.


    Size: about 15cm

    Weight: about 200-250g

    Note: Photos are for example purposes only, each one is unique and different.


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