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The Business of Being a Healer Program + Bonuses

The Business of Being a Healer Program + Bonuses

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    Why Buy From Life Changing Energy

    Don't fall victim to the trend of healers underearning and burning out.



    If you’re serious about your soul-centered healing practice, and you want to have a thriving business rather than a side hustle … 

    I want to give you the chance to replicate the marketing strategies I use to repeatedly create highly engaged social media followers and make hundreds of sales every month.   

    On this page only, you have the opportunity to get all the scripts, funnels, trainings, systems and social media calendars that I’ve personally developed over the years to get me where I am today.

    It’s all available in my program: The Business of Being a Healer.

    This new offer can be yours today at over 75% off (plus use the extra 5% off coupon code)

    Here's what I know .... 

    Certification programs in the healing arts like Reiki, Law of Attraction, Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Yoga, NLP, sound healing, etc. rarely share how to build a business around your new knowledge.

    It's not the program's fault - and it's not wrong of them not to cover it. They're busy teaching you a different skill. 

    But it leaves a huge gap in the healing world and a lot of people flailing around or confused about how to create a full time income as a healer. 

    And listen .... just because you have a huge heart for others doesn't mean you need to take a vow of poverty or give up nice things and vacations. 

    Those kinds of sacrifices are not required to be a "good person" in the healing arts. 

    But what you DO NEED to know is how to connect with people at a deep level, show them how you can help them, give them the vision of their life without their struggles, and how you can change their future .... so that the ONLY PERSON they want to help them is YOU. This completely removes the moola objection and takes it off the table. 

    That's exactly why I created The Business of Being a Healer program. 

    I wanted to bridge the gap and stop the habit of healers sacrificing themselves and living under stress to pay the bills. 

    I know you were called to be a healer because I was too -- in fact my friends called me a healer before I ever did. 

    For many years, I denied it, being advised to do something else that I was good at and would "make money." 

    Now I realize that I didn't have to make that choice. 

    Being a healer doesn't mean you have to give up the life you dreamed of -- it can CREATE IT!

    I know because it's working for me. 

    My husband and I take multiple vacations every year -- we just planned getaways for every month for the next seven months. 

    We have the freedom to go to Movie Tuesdays in the middle of the day every week. 

    And we don't worry about the kid's college funds -- they're all accounted for. 

    In the process, I've already reached millions of people with my healing message and I get to help people overcome chronic issues that even their doctors have given up on. 

    And all that I've figured out --- ALL THE STRATEGIES I've used to grow my businesses for the last 5 years can be yours now in The Business of Being a Healer. 

    Trust me, having this shortcut to success with proven methods, scripts, blueprints, and swipe files is so much better than the normal "try a bunch of things and see what sticks" approach. I wish I had it when I started.  

    And don't worry .... It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or an established healer. I'll show you exactly what I've learned over the past years and what I'm doing right now to take my multi-six-figure business to the next level. My strategies will work to get you in front of the right people so that they'll turn into sold-out clients that fill up your appointment book. 

    Inside The Business of Being a Healer, I'll show you how to .... 

    • Set up shop the right way so that you won't waste time and resources on the wrong things

    • Hone in on your perfect ideal clients, so you avoid working with people you don't enjoy

    • Price your products and services in a way that will create a thriving business that doesn't burn you out

    • Overcome the negative self-talk and mindset issues that keep healers playing small

    • Decide what social media platform is the best for you, so that you grow and engaged community of followers that refer their friends and family to you

    • Get free publicity through online blogs, podcasts, summits and speaking gigs so that you will be seen as an authority in your niche

    • Conduct profitable online and in person healing events so that you can have large cash injections to your business while being able to help your clients and a deeper level

    • Decide on your business model so you know exactly what lights you up

    • How to use the Law of Attraction and energy work to manifest your ideal clients and work less

    • Create a duplicatable content calendar so you can consistently grow your community

    • Scale your healing business so that you don't get stagnant and have the opportunity to move to a full time income



    Once you're done, you'll never wonder where your next client or sale will come from. 

    You'll never worry about the "right" pricing.

    You'll feel confident about your future. 

    You'll finally be able to fully embrace and live your passion and calling.

    You'll be reaching more people than you ever dreamed you could

    So if you're tired of 

    • trying to figure it all out on your own
    • not knowing how to grow or start your business
    • wondering if you've got what it takes

    Stop worrying and wondering if you can do this -- with The Business of Being a Healer, you totally can! 

    Now, the full price of this program is $3450, but you won’t pay anywhere near that today because you'll be getting in on an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ….

    But hold up! I don't want to forget ... 

    You'll also receive these BONUSES valued at over $3000. 

    • Deliberate Creator - how to use the Law of Attraction to easily grow your business and attract the best clients. I show you exactly how to attract your heart’s desire in 40 days. One client in this program attracted 1000 more youtube subcribers. Another client got an influx of clients to her speaking academy which resulted in $70,000 in coaching revenue. Yet another client hit her first $10k month using my methods and another client found the courage to close a business and improve her personal relationships.  

    • Storytelling for Stages and Pages –  how to tell stories on any platform so that you can create connection and speed up the know-like-and-trust factor. Plus a complete breakdown of your social media calendar and repurposing schedule to help you kick-butt online. I even share the exact script that won me a pitch contest! This program also includes Sales Page that Sell which shows you exactly how to write and lay out high converting sale pages, and Create Live Challenges which shows you exactly how to execute online challenges and mini-courses that convert to high ticket sales. 

    • Business of Being a Healer Summit - over a dozen successful healers share the behind the scenes to their success. This summit is jam packed with interviews from successful healers including Lisa Nichols, Christy Whitman, and Gay Hendricks. You’ll hear the real truth about growing a business and what they wish they'd known when they started – all the behind the scenes stuff from sound healers, reiki masters, Yogis, shamans and more! REAL TALK -- PRICELESS!

    If you grab this program and follow it, you’ll become a well-known, sought-after healer in your niche.

    I’ve done so well with these methods that I’m semi-retired now. I have no need to meet with clients 1:1 and IF I decide to do a little coaching on the side, I can be as choosy as I want.

    I have so many people commenting on my social media posts that I can’t keep up – when there’s 1783 comments in an hour, what can you do?

    I no longer worry if I’ll have enough sales or clients in a month --- I worry about not being able to get to them all (and it breaks my heart a little).

    So for right now, you have the opportunity to get The Business of Being a Healer and copy my strategies for 5 and 6-figure months, WHILE MAKING A BIG IMPACT HEALING THE WORLD – and you can get in for a STEAL at 75% off (use the extra 5% off coupon code).

    All you have to do is click the button above. Afterwards, you’ll receive an email with your login details and another one welcoming you to the program, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. You’ll be able to get right to work on building a soul-centered business that makes you feel excited about getting up every day.

    The clock is ticking, so listen to me when I say time is of the essence ….

    So if you’ve even the slightest curiosity of what your life would be like with the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want, with a lifestyle that a successful business can give you, I encourage you to pick up The Business of Being a Healer, so you’ll never ever have to call your healing business a “side hustle” because it gives you a full-time income.

    Remember there are two very clear paths you can take for your soul-centered healing business ….

    You can take the path on the left and do it all on your own.

    By leaving this page, you risk your soul-centered healing business NOT taking off or staying exactly where it is now.  

    And I don’t want that for you.

    Too many people need you.

    The world is a hurting place.

    OR you can take the shortcut on the right and get a proven roadmap directly to where you want to go.

    You will have a system to confidently get endless clients, helping more people around the world, and creating a life of freedom for yourself, which is awesome. 

    When you choose the RIGHT path and charge forward with clarity towards creating a rewarding and profitable business with the proven business strategies that I've used to grow multiple businesses.

    You’ll get access to the complete strategies I use, which means you can model exactly what I do step by step. In fact, this will put you ahead of 98% of healers out there who choose to do it on their own.

    Just click the BUTTON ABOVE and get The Business of Being a Healer today.



    I kind of fought my coach a bit to create this guarantee but I wanted to make it a complete NO BRAINER. If you take me up on the 75% off offer, try the program for 90 days from when it’s made available to you, complete the assignments and worksheets, and if you’re not seeing any growth or results, I’ll happily return your money. Simply take action and apply the strategies I have inside The Business of Being a Healer, and show me you worked them, not that you just changed your mind and don't want to do the work inside. In the unlikely event you didn't get any results from your implementation, you’ll receive this investment back. That means there's no risk to you and only the potential for reward.

    I care about growing your healing business – because I truly believe more healers need to be gloriously successful and abundant doing what they’re gifted at doing, so I hope you take me upon this offer before it's gone. 




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