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Six Pipe Lusheng
Six Pipe Lusheng
Six Pipe Lusheng
Six Pipe Lusheng

Six Pipe Lusheng

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    The Lusheng is a wind instrument made of bamboo pipes. It consists of six pipes of different lengths, hence the name. The pipes are attached to a wind chamber made of gourd or wood, which serves as a resonator. Each pipe has a reed at one end, and the player blows into the instrument, producing sound by vibrating the reeds. Wonderful for sound baths and music therapy.

    The Six Pipe Lusheng offers several benefits, both cultural and musical. Here are some of the advantages associated with this traditional instrument:

    1. Cultural Preservation: The Six Pipe Lusheng plays a vital role in preserving the cultural heritage of the Miao ethnic group. By continuing to play and promote this instrument, the Miao people can pass down their traditions, values, and stories to future generations.

    2. Performance and Entertainment: The Six Pipe Lusheng is often featured in performances and festivals. Its lively and energetic sound captivates audiences, providing entertainment and enjoyment. The instrument adds a unique and vibrant element to cultural events and celebrations.


    SIZE: 70cm


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