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Discover 6 Powerful SACRED CEREMONIES™️
Supercharge Your Healing Practice

Facilitate Profound Transformation for People Seeking Balance, Healing, and Rejuvenation.

"...exactly what I was looking for. I needed to understand the fundamentals. I've been wanting to perform rituals for awhile but I didn't trust YouTube and Google 😅 I needed a reputable source for my information - this is it!" ~Altonet

"Just joined the sacred ceremonies program!!! What a blessing to have all of these so accessible and all in one place! Can’t wait to get started! 💖✨🌕 — feeling excited." ~ Jordan

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For the Visionary Healer Eager to Pioneer a Unique Path:

Have you ever wondered how you could add sacred ceremonies to your life and spiritual business?

What if you could draw from ancient rituals and traditions to make your healing sessions more unique for your clients?

Imagine being known not just as a "regular healer" with a single skill, but as someone who guides people through big transformation in their life.

That's what the Sacred Ceremonies™️ program is all about.

Discover SIX special healing ceremonies. They're more than just rituals. They let you:

  • Make Your Sessions Stand Out: By using these ceremonies, your sessions will be different and more memorable than others.
  • Be a Unique Healer: Knowing these time-honored methods will make you stand out. People looking for a deep healing experience will want to come to you and only you.
  • Discover Deep Insights: These ceremonies can help you and your clients connect to things that may have been hidden before.
  • Bring Everything Into Balance: These ceremonies can help balance your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Strengthen Spiritual Bonds: They can also help you and your clients feel more connected to something bigger.

Your journey to this point is special. Just like wise people in the past learned a lot from these ceremonies, you're about to start something amazing.

Isn't it time to make your healing sessions even better? To offer a place where people can find peace, heal deeply, and discover their strengths?

These sacred ceremonies are the key. They can make your sessions more effective and transformational.

Plus, we'll help you craft your own ceremony that fits you perfectly. And we'll give you tips on how to market your ceremonies.

Be different with Sacred Ceremonies™️.

Inside Sacred Ceremonies™️


Creating Your Own SacredCeremonies™️

Using the transformative power of collective energy in healing journeys, you'll discover how to create a ceremony that not only resonates with your spiritual path but also invites others to engage in a shared experience of healing and growth.


The Business Side
of Ceremonies

Want to share your love of Sacred Ceremonies™️ with the world? You'll find out how to promote your group healing ceremonies and become the go-to healer in your community! Warning: you may be consistently sold out!



Moon ceremonies celebrate moon phase's metaphors for life, death, and rebirth. Full moon ceremonies focus on the moon's radiant energy. New moon ceremonies tap into the moon's potential for growth and renewal. Both access the moon's natural rhythms.



Healing in a Crystal Ceremony arises from the harmonization energy fields with crystals, promoting balance, clarity, and a sense of wellbeing. They create safe space for introspection and emotional release.



Heart-opening Cacao ceremonies create a safe space for emotional release and exploration, helping to uncover and heal the past, deepen understanding and relationships, and foster personal growth.


Fire Release

Healing in a Fire Release ceremony comes from the act of conscious release and intention setting. It serves as a tool for releasing old patterns and manifesting new intentions and goals.


Drumming Circle Ceremony

Drumming is sound healing and also aids meditation. The rhythmic beats promote a state of relaxation, reducing stress and crreating mental clarity. Drum vibrations can also provide a form of sonic massage, soothing the body at a cellular level.



Healing in a Water Ceremony flows from the connection of the our spirit with the elemental dance and cleansing virtues of water, nurturing rejuvenation, purification, and inner peace. It's a sacred haven for introspection and spiritual renewal.


Bonuses and 
More Bonuses!

Plant Medicine tips 
How to read tea leaves
Adding sound healing
Adding breathwork 
Reiki Circles 
Learn about the Acti Sync energies


Plus, scripts and meditations for you to use!



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MORE BONUSES (Value $500)

What makes the Sacred Ceremonies™️ program unique?

  • We don't just teach you one type of ceremony, we teach you SIX (really SEVEN, if you count the full moon and new moon ceremonies separately).
  • We also don't stop there -- we help you grow your healing business by showing you how to promote your ceremonies so you can make a bigger impact in the world.

Each Sacred Ceremonies™️ Explained


Our Sacred Ceremonies™️ include diverse rituals that you can adapt to your own needs.

   Full Moon Ceremony

A full moon ceremony is held during the full moon phase. The full moon is often associated with the culmination of energy and the realization of intentions. It's a time for release and manifestation.

The full moon's illumination helps to shed light on our deepest desires and highest ambitions. Thus, full moon ceremonies can be a time to let go of what no longer serves us and manifest our intentions into the world. Performing these ceremonies can encourage personal growth and bring about a spiritual shift by aligning with the moon's energy and utilizing it to amplify our own.

       Cacao Ceremony

Originating from ancient Mesoamerican cultures, Cacao ceremonies have been used worldwide as a heart-opening
tool for emotional and spiritual healing.

The cacao facilitates a deep connection with oneself and others, opening the heart and stimulating introspective insights. It can induce feelings of bliss, emotional acuity, and mental clarity, and is seen as a powerful facilitator for inner work, emotional processing, and spiritual exploration.

By creating a safe space for emotional release and exploration, these ceremonies help to uncover and heal the past, deepen understanding of self and relationships, and foster personal growth.

    New Moon Ceremony 

New moon ceremonies take place during the dark moon, when the moon is not visible from Earth. This phase symbolizes new beginnings and is often used as a time to set intentions for the coming cycle.

The new moon is often associated with introspection, planning, and the potential for growth. During this time, it's believed that we can harness the moon's energy to sow the seeds of our intentions, make plans, and initiate personal transformation.

   Crystal Ceremony

Rooted in various cultural traditions, a Crystal Ceremony is a tool for personal growth, energy balance, and holistic healing.

Crystals possess unique vibrational frequencies that can interact with the human energy field to promote emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Each participant may hold or be surrounded by crystals, meditate upon their intentions, and absorb or direct the crystal's energy as needed, aligning chakra points to balance and cleanse their energy fields too.

These ceremonies help participants to explore personal issues, manifest intentions, and foster personal growth.

  Water Ceremony

This ceremony is anchored in ancient practices that revere water as a source of life and purification. Water is believed to cleanse not only the physical being but also the emotional and spiritual layers of an individual. Participants often express feelings of renewal, clarity, harmony, and tranquility during and after the ritual.

Healing in a Water Ceremony emanates from the intimate connection established with this elemental force, amplifying its rejuvenating properties. The communal nature of the ceremony fosters a supportive environment, allowing participants to delve deep and evolve in their individual and shared healing paths. The ceremony facilitates emotional release, spiritual alignment, and introspection, often imbuing participants with a profound sense of serenity and balance.

   Drumming Circle Ceremony

In a Drumming Circle, participants engage in rhythmic drumming, a practice with deep roots in many indigenous cultures around the world. It is used as a tool for unity, personal expression, and healing.

The drumming is considered the heartbeat of the earth. The rhythmic, repetitive beats can promote a state of relaxation, helping to reduce stress and induce a state of mental clarity. The vibrations from the drums can also provide a form of sonic massage, soothing the body at a cellular level.

Healing in a drumming circle arises from both the individual drumming experience and the collective energy of the group. Drumming can facilitate personal expression and release of emotions, helping participants process and heal emotional trauma.

   Fire Release Ceremony

A Fire Intention Ceremony is a powerful spiritual gathering that utilizes the transformative energy of fire for personal and communal healing and growth. This ancient practice serves as a tool for releasing old patterns and manifesting new intentions.

Fire is viewed as a purifying force, consuming what is no longer needed and transforming intentions into energetic reality. The ceremony offers an opportunity for reflection, acknowledging emotional burdens, dreams, and desires. The fire's symbolic transformation process can bring about a sense of catharsis, renewal, and empowerment.


Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes ~ Carl Jung

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VALUE $897 + $300 in BONUSES


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Why Do We Teach All These Sacred Ceremonies™️ Together?

We're offering this Sacred Ceremonies™️ package because many ceremony elements can be combined -- we don't want you to be limited. Plus, we believe in the principle of divine abundance. The Universe is infinitely rich, filled with knowledge and wisdom, and it is our spiritual duty to share these blessings widely and generously.across the world.

Our mission at Life Changing Energy is to raise the world vibration one healer at a time -- we want to help ensure spiritual knowledge reaches as many individuals as possible. To us, this is a spiritual endeavor.

By bundling all these ceremonies together, we make these transformative learning opportunities more easily accessible, fostering growth, enlightenment, and spiritual progression. This is our contribution to a global spiritual awakening, as we believe that every soul deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive.

So why bother trying to find these all individually?

Besides .... what would it cost you to purchase all these trainings with all these experts (and the business training) separately? Even if each section was minimally $50, that would be 8x$50, or $400 at least.... but realistically would each section even be that little?

The Sacred Ceremonies™️ program is a steal!

VALUE $897 + $300 in BONUSES


Use Coupon Code: TRANSFORMATION for $30 OFF $175 = $145

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Meet the the Sacred Ceremonies™️ Facilitators


Vickie Gould

Founder/Owner Life Changing Energy

Over 10.8 million people around the world have experienced Vickie Gould's sound healing baths. She is an 11x best selling author, certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Energy and Sound Healer, Master Herablist, Reiki Master and Ho'oponopono warrior who has been trained by Joe Vitale and Lisa Nichols (both of The Secret).

Through her journey with Chronic Lyme Disease, she came to understand the mind, body and spirit connection. This is where she immersed herself in learning more about energy, vibrations, and frequencies so that she could enhance her own healing journey.

Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) announced Vickie Gould, founder of Life Changing Energy, as one of the finalists for the Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2023 Michigan and Northwest Ohio Award, the world’s most prestigious business awards program for unstoppable entrepreneurs. The candidates were evaluated based on their demonstration of building long-term value through entrepreneurial spirit, purpose, growth and impact, among other core contributions and attributes.

She has been featured on CBS, NBC, HuffPost, The Mighty, OM Times and many other media outlets sharing concepts about intuitive writing, manifestation, energy and how you can live an abundant and fulfilled life of no regrets.


Dayleann Hawks

Drumming Circle Ceremony

Dayleann is the great great great granddaughter of Chief Quemuith and Chief Skamakawa a Puyallup Tribal member.

She is a Sound healer and Native American spiritual healer. She loves to study traditional medicine. Through the summer months, Dayleann travels the ancestral highways of her people, then the road of the spirit through the winter, igniting the spark of reclamation of her traditional ways. Her family has their own Drum circle singing their ceremonial songs throughout the pacific coast area.

Dayleann comes from a long line of historic Shaman bloodlines and has known this since she was 9 years old. She believes the journey of empowering ourselves is in always being teachable and a forever being a student of spirit.


Joshua Monzo

Crystal Ceremony

Josh Monzo is a psychic medium who has been gifted with a unique ability to communicate with spirits and energy from a young age.

As a child, Josh started experiencing spirits and energy, and by the time he was 12, he realized that he was different and started exploring his gifts more deeply. At the young age of 15, Josh started doing professional readings, and it was then that he realized that he had a natural talent that could help others. He now reads for clients all over the world.

In addition to his psychic mediumship, Josh is a reiki practitioner and advanced crystal master healer. He also teaches classes on energy, crystals, and psychic development.


Cheryl Kasper

Full Moon Ceremony

Cheryl is a Sound and Energy Healer, Clinical Therapist, #1 Best Selling Author, and International Speaker. Cheryl works with spiritual women to uncover and rapidly heal their subconscious beliefs and hidden energetic blocks so they can activate their higher selves, embody their soul’s purpose and reach limitless levels of expansion.

She combines her 25 years in psychology, with Subconscious re-wiring and Biofield Tuning. She uses sound frequencies of Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks to release trapped energy in and around the body caused by events and traumas in this life, past lives, inherited from ancestors and generational conditioning.

Cheryl has been featured in global publications such as Brainz Magazine, Thrive Global, Medium and Elephant Journal.


Bailee Rasmussen

New Moon Ceremony

Bailee Rasmussen is a Reiki Master, Certified Sound Healer and Intuitive Tarot Reader. Her passion involves all things healing and helping others come back to themselves.

Bailee's journey began with struggles in her physical and emotional healing, leading her to explore alternative modalities beyond traditional medicine. This path not only facilitated her personal healing but also revealed her innate intuitive and spiritual gifts.

Bailee's passion extends to teaching Reiki, sharing her wisdom and expertise in group and individual settings both virtually and in person. She firmly believes that the answers to our healing lie within ourselves, and she guides others on their path to finding those answers.

With a deep love for crystals, astrology, and energy healing, Bailee closely collaborates with the Chakra system to enhance her healing practices. Her dedication to healing and helping others makes her a truly inspiring and impactful presence in the healing community.


Love, Bobbie Jo

Fire Release Ceremony

Love, Bobbie Jo is a Certified BodyMind Method® Coach, Author of I Just Want To Be Me, Claim Your Stage, and The Search for Purpose, a Transformational Speaker and Sea Soundscape Meditation Artist.

She holds many certifications, including a bachelor’s degree in communications and business, and has previously taught at the university level.

Bobbie Jo believes that the world needs who YOU are.

After decades of losing herself in all life’s should’s and expectations, Bobbie Jo reconnected to her personal truth, and tossed the societal script--transforming her life.

Clients working with Bobbie Jo discover a deeper sense of connection, clarity of personal purpose, confidence in self-expression and the courage to take the steps to create the life and business they truly desire.


Marguerite Gallagher

Cacao Ceremony

Marguerite holds a degree in Health Sciences and Psychology and recently finished her Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine in April of 2023. She has been teaching yoga for the last 6 years as a 200-hour certified teacher, sound healing for the last 3 years and will soon be a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist.

She loves to combine the world of Sound Healing and Plant Medicine with Acupuncture.

She first found Cacao in a yoga ceremony five years ago where she was astounded by the affects. Soon, she was creating rituals 3 times a week for herself and then offered cacao ceremonies with sound healing for others.

Most her life, she's dealt with anxiety and depression -- alternative forms of healing like yoga, sound healing, acupuncture, meditation and plant medicine led her out of the darkness.

Now it's her goal to help facilitate the healing of others by bringing them back to their true selves. She assist people in releasing physical, spiritual, and mental blockages that come with trauma, chronic illness and day-to-day life.

Meet Your Bonus Instructors


Alain Torres

Plant Medicine


Geneva Burgess



Alex Brandin

ActiSync Energies


Dort Prichett

Reiki Healing Circle


Joshua Monzo

Tea Leaf Reading

VALUE $897 + $300 in BONUSES

Use Coupon Code: TRANSFORMATION for $30 OFF $175 = $145

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the program?

Lifetime! You can do the program at your pace, whenever it fits into your schedule and complete it at your leisure -- or binge watch like some students like to do.

Is this course in person?

The course is online so you can watch whenever it fits your schedule. Plus, you can rewatch any section if needed. There are no in-person components.

How do I become certified as a Sacred Cermonies™️ Facilitator?

Once you're done with the material, take the test at the end of the course. Pass with an 80% and you'll be officially certified!

Will you help me grow my healing practice?

YES! Inside the course, you'll find a section on how to promote your Sacred Ceremonies™️. Find what resonates with you there and implement the strategies to fill your sessions. Note: this is not a guarantee of success -- that depends on many factors which we cannot control.

Can I ask questions?

Sure! We have a very active Facebook group full of healers and teachers who love to support you.

Will I be equipped to lead others?

Yes! The goal of the course is to help healers to facilitate their own special, individual ceremonies or rituals, AND also help you lead and guide group sessions, if that's your desire.

Do I need to buy anything else after this course?

There are no requirements to buy anything else for this course. However, if you're doing ceremonies that involve cacao or sound healing instruments, etc, we have recommendations inside the program.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the hard costs and nature of this course and the ability to download/record all the materials immediately, our courses are respectfully non-refundable.

Vickie Gould is a 11x best selling author, certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Energy and Sound Healer, Master Herablist, Reiki Master and Ho'oponopono warrior who has been trained by Joe Vitale and Lisa Nichols (both of The Secret). She's well-known for being an intuitive writing coach as well, helping entrepreneurs share their expertise and stories through best selling books.

Through her journey with Chronic Lyme Disease, she came to understand the mind, body and spirit connection. This is where she immersed herself in learning more about energy, vibrations, and frequencies so that she could enhance her own healing journey.

She has been featured on NBC, HuffPost, The Mighty, OM Times and many other media outlets sharing concepts about intuitive writing, manifestation, energy and how you can live an abundant and fulfilled life of no regrets.

Questions? email support@lifechangingenergy.com

Disclaimer: This site provides general information and discussions about health, wellness and related subjects. The information and other content provided by Vickie Gould International LLC and Life Changing Energy, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.

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