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Rainbow Color Crystal Singing Harp Perfect Pitch 5th octave

Rainbow Color Crystal Singing Harp Perfect Pitch 5th octave

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    Why Buy From Life Changing Energy

    A Rainbow Color Crystal Singing Harp Perfect Pitch 5th octave is a musical instrument that combines the beauty of crystal singing bowls with the unique design of a harp. 

    Crystal singing harps are made of pure quartz crystal and are precision-tuned to produce specific musical notes. The 5th octave is a range of notes that is higher than the notes produced by a typical harp, and it can create a very ethereal and otherworldly sound. The rainbow color design adds an additional element of beauty to the instrument.

    Perfect pitch refers to the ability to accurately identify or produce a musical note without the aid of a reference pitch. A crystal singing harp that has perfect pitch means that each note is carefully tuned to the correct frequency, resulting in a pure and harmonious sound.


    There are several potential benefits of playing or listening to a Rainbow Color Crystal Singing Harp Perfect Pitch 5th octave:

    1. Promotes relaxation: The soothing and mesmerizing sounds produced by the harp can help to reduce stress and promote a sense of relaxation.

    2. Enhances meditation and mindfulness: The ethereal sound of the harp can help to create a peaceful atmosphere, making it easier to focus and achieve a state of mindfulness or meditation.

    3. Supports energy healing: Some people believe that the vibrations produced by crystal singing harps can help to balance the body's energy, leading to improved overall health and wellbeing.

    4. Enhances creativity: The unique sound of the harp can inspire creativity and may help to unlock new ideas and insights.

    5. Promotes spiritual growth: Some people believe that the frequencies produced by the harp are in harmony with the vibrations of the universe, making it a tool for spiritual growth and transformation.


    • Note: CDEFGABC6
    • Mallets: 2 pcs crystal mallets
    • Weight: 2.4 kg
    • Length: about 38cm-54cm
    • Color: Rainbow
    • Frequency: 432 or 440 Hz


    Note: Rods may not be perfectly smooth. The process of melting the quartz and shaping the rods may result in slight dents or bumps. This should not be considered a defect and does not affect the sound or effectiveness of the harp. 


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