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Oracle Certification: The Council of Oracles
Oracle Certification: The Council of Oracles

Oracle Certification: The Council of Oracles

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    Why Buy From Life Changing Energy

    Gain Spiritual Insights and Sharpen Your Intuition

    How would it feel to be able to access divine wisdom, use your inner guidance and get spiritual insights for your life journey? Even if you've never used oracle cards before, you can uncover the answers you need to simple and complex questions. 

    When you join The Counsel of Oracles, you'll learn how to use oracle cards for daily direction for yourself, your friends or even clients (if you have them).

    Now, you do need to know .... Oracle cards do not foretell the future. Instead, they are a way for deeper self-discovery. You'll sharpen your inuition and find revealing messages for the lessons (and blessings) in your life.  Very often, you'll start to see things with new eyes and new perspectives. 

    You'll find the MEANING.

    You'll be the MASTER of your own life.

    You'll find the MIRROR to your soul.

    Wouldn't it be great if you could take your Oracle cards everywhere without needing to tote around boxes and boxes of card decks and guidebooks?  Because you can with The Counsel of Oracles. All our decks are virtual AND you'll receive a new deck every single month so you have fresh perspectives too.

    You'll always have the RIGHT deck for the exact situation you need to ask your questions, right in your pocket! 

    Join The Counsel of Oracles

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    4 Inch Tibetan Oracle Bowl 33% Off - additional $59 (value $89)

    Access Unlimited Wisdom

    When you consult The Counsel of Oracles, you have the perfect tool for self-development, decision-making, soul-discovery, manifesting, helping others -- basically everything you can think of.

    All you have to do is set and intention, ask a question, pull your cards, and interpret the meaning. Don't worry, the more you use them, the more you'll grow your intuition and understanding.



    Is there a time limit to finishing the certification program?

    Not at all. You have access for lifetime and you can take the certification program at your pace. It's good to note that those who create a schedule to finish (and stick to it) are the most successful with this program.


    Meet your Teachers


    *** Our Certification Courses are Respectfully Non-Refundable. 


    Your course will be delivered via email and you'll receive a login within 48 hours of purchase -- these emails can go to spam sometimes. Please email support@lifechangingenergy.com if you don't receive your login details.