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Natural Crystal Energy Cup
Natural Crystal Energy Cup
Natural Crystal Energy Cup

Natural Crystal Energy Cup

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    Why Buy From Life Changing Energy

    Crafted with care and precision, this exquisite glass cup is adorned with genuine natural crystals, each chosen for its unique healing properties and aesthetic allure.

    Elevate your hydration ritual with the transformative energy of crystals. Our collection features a diverse array of crystals, each imparting its distinct benefits to your water. Whether you seek tranquility, love, clarity, or vitality, there's a crystal to resonate with your intentions.

    Crystal infused water is a simple yet effective way of working with the healing energy of crystal and gemstones. When pure water is infused with crystal vibrations, it is then charged with the healing properties of the stone, and can be used to promote healing and wellness.

    • Tiger Eye is associated with courage, confidence, and self-assurance. It is believed to inspire a sense of fearlessness and determination, empowering individuals to overcome challenges and pursue their goals with confidence and conviction.
    • Turquoise is connected to the throat chakra, the energy center responsible for communication and self-expression.
    • Obsidian is deeply connected to the root chakra, making it an excellent tool for releasing emotional blockages, trauma, and past wounds.
    • Lapis Lazuli is associated with the activation of the third eye chakra, which governs intuition, insight, and inner wisdom. It is believed to enhance mental clarity, stimulate intellectual abilities, and promote a deeper understanding of oneself and the world.
    • Amethyst is often used for spiritual protection due to its ability to purify the aura and shield against negative energies. 
    • Jade is considered a stone of emotional balance and harmony. It helps to soothe the emotions, calm the mind, and alleviate stress and anxiety. Jade encourages inner peace, tranquility, and a sense of serenity, allowing individuals to navigate through life's challenges with grace and equanimity.
    • Fluorite is considered a stabilizing stone that helps to balance emotions and promote inner harmony. It soothes turbulent emotions, alleviates stress and anxiety, and brings a sense of calm and tranquility to the mind and spirit.
    • Opal is associated with emotional healing and resilience. It is believed to soothe the emotions, calm the mind, and alleviate stress and anxiety.


    • Capacity: 470ml/16 oz
    • Cap and base are made of Bamboo
    • Size: 23x7.5cm/ 9x3 inch

    Care instructions:

    • Wash your glass bottle and crystal regularly.
    • Base, Lid and Crystal should be hand washed, with mild soap.
    • ALWAYS check for crystal pieces as you wash. Use can cause wear on the stone.


    CRYSTAL INFUSED WATER - Rejuvenate yourself with the energy of a Natural Crystal Elixir. Gemstones & crystals have been used since ancient times for their high vibration and healing properties. Infuse your life with sacred crystal energy! A lovely gift for loved ones!

    HIGH QUALITY AND HEALTHY – No harmful plastic or toxins. All materials are food-grade approved. The stainless-steel lids will not tarnish or corrode.

    LARGE CAPACITY - The large-capacity wellness glass water cup can hold 16Oz of liquid to meet your daily drinking needs.

    Note: Because crystals are made with pure natural stones, they may slightly vary in their color, texture, height and shape. 

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