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Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum
Fur hide Shaman Drum

Fur hide Shaman Drum

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    Why Buy From Life Changing Energy

    LIMITED QUANTITY - 1 of each type in 14” or 16” size. Not recommended for those with fur allergies as these drums will shed.

    Embrace the Ancient Rhythms of Spirit and Earth

    Step into a timeless journey of sound and spirit with our Handmade Shaman Drum. Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, this drum merges the primal essence of a traditional frame with the authentic touch of genuine goatskin. Every beat resonates with the whispers of ancient rituals and the heartbeat of nature itself.

    Key Features:

    1. Authentic Goatskin: Selected for its unparalleled sound quality, our goatskin surface ensures deep, resonant tones that transport you to sacred realms.
    2. Handcrafted Excellence: With careful attention to detail, each drum is a testament to craftsmanship, passion, and a deep reverence for shamanic traditions.
    3. Sturdy Frame Design: Built to endure, the drum's frame promises stability and a seamless blend of aesthetics and function.
    4. Versatile Use: Whether you're conducting a healing ceremony, meditating, or simply celebrating the joy of rhythm, this drum is your companion for diverse spiritual practices.
    5. Connect with Ancestral Wisdom: The drum's design and tone honor the age-old traditions of shamans, offering a bridge between the modern world and ancient spiritual teachings.

    Infuse your spiritual practices with authenticity, power, and grace. Our Handmade Shaman Drum is not just an instrument; it's a gateway to realms unseen, a song of the earth, and a dance of the soul.

    Skins and fur may have marks or scars and should not be considered flaws -- they do not affect the sound of the drum, but, in fact, creates a special heirloom item. You will receive the actual drum pictured.  Fur drums have a more muted, thud sound than their non-fur counterparts  

    Note: Off- White drum is trimmed around the edges - please see photos.

    Each drum come with its own handmade beater. 




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