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Frog Meditating Figurine Statue
Frog Meditating Figurine Statue
Frog Meditating Figurine Statue
Frog Meditating Figurine Statue

Frog Meditating Figurine Statue

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    A frog meditating figurine statue is a small sculpture or statuette depicting a frog in a meditative posture. It is often used as a decorative item or as a symbol of relaxation, peace, and mindfulness. The statue showcases a frog sitting in a cross-legged position with its eyes closed, its hands resting on its knees, and an expression of calm and tranquility on its face.

    The frog meditating figurine statue draws inspiration from the concept of meditation, which involves focusing one's attention and achieving a state of deep relaxation and awareness. By portraying a frog in a meditative pose, the statue aims to convey a sense of serenity and inner peace.


    Material: Resin

    Assembled Product Dimensions: (L x W x H): 10 x 4.90 x 12.50 Inches


    Note: Color may vary depending on computer settings.

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