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Acrylic Kalimba 17/21 Keys
Acrylic Kalimba 17/21 Keys
Acrylic Kalimba 17/21 Keys
Acrylic Kalimba 17/21 Keys
Acrylic Kalimba 17/21 Keys
Acrylic Kalimba 17/21 Keys
Acrylic Kalimba 17/21 Keys
Acrylic Kalimba 17/21 Keys
Acrylic Kalimba 17/21 Keys

Acrylic Kalimba 17/21 Keys

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    Why Buy From Life Changing Energy

    These playful beginner Kalimbas, or finger pianos, are thought by some to be the modern version of the African mbira. It is a small handheld instrument with metal keys that are plucked with the thumbs to create a soothing and melodic sound. Kalimbas have become popular in recent years as a tool for sound healing, which is a form of therapy that uses sound vibrations to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Great for sound baths.

    Some potential benefits of playing the kalimba include:

    1. Relieving stress: Playing music can be a great way to relieve stress and calm your mind. The soothing sounds of the kalimba can help you relax and unwind after a long day.

    2. Promoting mindfulness: Playing the kalimba requires you to be present and focused in the moment, which can promote mindfulness and improve your overall sense of well-being.


    1.Material: acrylic
    2.Stage: Beginner
    3.Color: As Picture
    4.Tone: C key


    Cherry Blossom Models:

    •    17 Key: height: 16cm; width: 15.1cm; thickness: 2cm
    •    21 Key: height: 16.7cm; width: 15.9cm; thickness: 2cm

    Starry sky Models:

    •    21 Key: height: 16.3cm; width: 15.9cm; thickness: 2cm

    Butterfly Models

    •    17 Key: height: 14.6cm; width: 15.5cm; thickness: 2cm
    •    21 Key: height: 15.7cm; width: 15.6cm; thickness: 2cm

    Star Models:

    •    21 tone: height: 16.3cm; width: 15.9cm; thickness: 2cm

    Packing list:

    • 1*Kalimba
    • 1*Tuning Hammer
    • 1*Scale Sticker
    • 1*Storage Bag
    • 1*English Manual

    Note: Due to differences in monitors and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown in the picture. 

    Listen to this sample video:

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