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8 Inch Green Pyramid-Cube Geometry Crystal Singing Instrument
8 Inch Green Pyramid-Cube Geometry Crystal Singing Instrument

8 Inch Green Pyramid-Cube Geometry Crystal Singing Instrument

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    Why Buy From Life Changing Energy

    8 Inch Green Pyramid-Cube designed with specific geometric shapes, which are believed to have their own unique energetic and vibrational qualities. The green color also plays a role, as different colors are often associated with various chakras or energy centers in the body.

    Using singing pyramids helps to create a state of deep meditation. All our singing pyramid have amazing, clear, deep and rich vibrational resonance with the power to heal. They are made of high purity quartz crystal so they naturally contain the ability to energize, clear and enhance the energy in any environment, making them incredibly resonant.

    You will receive: 

    • 8 inch/ 20.32cm Crystal Singing Pyramid
    • String


    Note: Pyramids may not be perfectly smooth. The process of melting the crystal and shaping the rods may result in slight dents or bumps. This should not be considered a defect and does not affect the sound or effectiveness of the pyramid. 



    Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. If you have any issues when you receive your pyramid, please contact us within 10 days of delivery. After that time, we consider all sales final.


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