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19 Piece Raw Crystal Boxed Set
19 Piece Raw Crystal Boxed Set
19 Piece Raw Crystal Boxed Set
19 Piece Raw Crystal Boxed Set
19 Piece Raw Crystal Boxed Set
19 Piece Raw Crystal Boxed Set
19 Piece Raw Crystal Boxed Set

19 Piece Raw Crystal Boxed Set

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    Why Buy From Life Changing Energy

    Note: Incense is NOT included. Photo for example purposes only.

    Journey into a world where ancient wisdom meets modern healing with our carefully curated raw crystal set.

    Hand-selected for their purity and vibrational resonance, each crystal in this collection is designed to align, balance, and rejuvenate your chakras. But that's just the beginning. Amplify your intentions with the crystal grid, delicately crafted to harness the universe's geometric energies.

    As you traverse this healing journey, our bottles of small gemstones provide a daily dose of grounding, protection, and enlightenment, while our incense holder stands ready to waft fragrant reminders of the serenity within.

    Whether you're a seasoned crystal practitioner or just embarking on your holistic healing journey, this ensemble is your passport to a balanced, harmonized, and revitalized spirit.

    Here's what's included .... 

    8 Raw Stones:

    • Black Tourmaline
      • Tiger Eye
        • Citrine
          • Green Aventurine
          • Lapis Lazuli
            • Amethyst
              • Clear/White Quartz

              • Rose Quartz

                7 Bottled Stones:

                • Red Jasper
                • Pink Quartz
                • Citrine
                • Tiger Eye
                • Green Aventurine
                • Amethyst
                • White Quartz

                1 Incense Holder - Raw Rose Quartz

                1 Selenite Stick with light colored wrapped Gemstones

                1 Bookmark or pendulum with amethyst heart

                1 Small Crystal Grid

                Total package weight approx 14 oz  

                  Please note these unique stones are created by nature and may vary in shape, size and color, and they may seem imperfect in texture. Amethyst and rose quartz may be light or amethyst may appear grey. This is not to be considered a flaw, but the nature of natural stones. 

                  This collection is for any occasion such as Abundance, Encouragement, Celebration, Inspiration, Prosperity, Meditation, Healing, Yoga, Balancing, Spiritual practice, Bohemian decor, Stone massage, Reiki, harmonizing home or office or just relaxation. 


                  All our products are infused with intentions and reiki by a level 3 Reiki Master.



                  Your set will be shipped within 3 day and arrive in 7-10 days. You do not need to have the set to start the course. 

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