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10inch Chau Gong + FREE C-Stand and Mallet
10inch Chau Gong + FREE C-Stand and Mallet

10inch Chau Gong + FREE C-Stand and Mallet

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    Why Buy From Life Changing Energy

    Elevate your musical experience with our hand-hammered 10-inch Chau Gong. This compact yet powerful instrument is designed to bring the enchanting sounds of the traditional Chau Gong into any musical setting, adding depth, richness, and mystique to your performances.

    Gong therapy is a type of sound healing that involves the use of gongs to produce sounds that can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. Some of the benefits of gong therapy include:

    • Reducing stress and anxiety: The sound vibrations produced by the gongs can help to reduce stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and calming the nervous system.
    • Improving sleep: Gong therapy can help to improve the quality of sleep by promoting relaxation and reducing stress, which can lead to better sleep patterns.
    • Boosting the immune system: Some studies have shown that sound therapy, including gong therapy, can help to boost the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells.
    • Enhancing creativity and intuition: The vibrations of the gongs can stimulate the brain and enhance creativity and intuition.
    • Promoting mindfulness and meditation: Gong therapy can help to promote mindfulness and meditation by helping individuals to focus their attention and enter into a meditative state.
    • Reducing pain and tension: The vibrations of the gongs can help to reduce pain and tension in the body, which can lead to improved physical health and well-being.

    Gongs are especially attractive for sound healing because they are adaptogens. The person listening will receive what they need physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For this reason, gongs are considered a very effective spiritual tool that helps with detoxing, clearing negative energy, pain, stress, brain fog, and much more.  

    Material: 80%Copper+20%Tin

    Size: 10inch/ 25cm

    Weight: around 0.9kg

    Package Includes:

    • 10 inch Gong
    • C-Stand
    • Mallet

    Note: Color may vary depending on computer settings.

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