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How to Use Tuning Forks To Heal and Open Chakras

After striking a tuning fork, a tone is produced. By slowly moving the tuning fork over someone’s aura or space around them, it can offer healing properties, especially when used with each chakra. The ends can be put directly on the body, with or without a healing crystal associated with a chakra.

Tuning forks are made in such a way that they generate a pure sound, with a specific amount of vibrations every second.

AND what’s really great is that you don’t always have to go to a professional or alternative practitioner to be treated with tuning forks. They’re very simple to use.

It's important to get a full set of chakra body tuning forks because, in general, when one chakra is off, the others are out of balance too. If one chakra is blocked, the ones that are open try to compensate for the imbalance.  


How to Use Weighted Chakra Tuning Forks

  • Start by striking your tuning fork with your mallet or gently tap the tuning fork against your knee or palm of your hand.  With a weighted tuning fork, you should hit it on the top of the weighted portion. Each tuning fork in the set in Life Changing Energy have a mallet.
  • Hold the tuning fork by its handle or stem, but keep your wrists flexible and relax your fingers.
  • Use the end of your tuning fork directly on the area of the body that’s experiencing pain or discomfort, such as a muscle or joint. Gently touch the part of the body with the fork and you’ll be able to feel the vibration (it will likely go through your whole body but be strongest where it's touching).
  • Increase the effectiveness by using a crystal gemstone on your body, then the tuning fork on top of the stone. 

Tuning Forks and Your Chakras

The seven basic chakras of the body are circular vortexes of energy that are found in seven points along the body. 

All the seven chakras are linked to various glands and organs in the body.

To enable chakra healing with the use of tuning forks, it’s good to know what each of the seven chakras requires when it comes to healing sound.

The frequencies are measured in hertz (Hz). As the Pure Integrated Health Services Foundation reports, here are the frequencies commonly used to stimulate the different chakras and what it helps, in general: 

  • 1stchakra (root) makes use of 194.18 Hz and it helps to release fear and guilt.
  • 2ndchakra (sacral) makes use of 210.42 Hz and it enables change.
  • 3rdchakra (solar plexus) makes use of 126.22 Hz and it enables transformation.
  • 4thchakra (heart) makes use of 136.10 Hz and it helps you connect to others.
  • 5thchakra (throat) makes use of 141.27 Hz and it encourages expression and solutions to problems.
  • 6thchakra (third eye) makes use of 221.23 Hz and it encourages the intuition to be awakened.
  • 7thchakra (crown) makes use of 172.06 hzand connects you to the Universe. 

Note: It’s easier to use the tuning forks on the chakras while you are lying down, but it’s not required.

Sound therapy is said to restore the chakra balance and help the energy to move better throughout the body.