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The Secret Solfeggio Frequencies: Discover the Fascinating History and Healing Powers Hidden Within

Sound healing is based on the principle that everything in the universe is made up of energy and that different frequencies of energy can affect the body and mind in different ways. One particular set of frequencies, the secret solfeggio frequencies, has a significant place in the history of sound healing. Each of the solfeggio frequencies is associated with a different aspect of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and they are thought to promote healing in these areas. 



History of the Solfeggio Frequencies

The solfeggio tones have a long history in various spiritual and religious traditions. They are believed to have originated in ancient Gregorian chants where priests would use the tones to bestow blessings on their congregation. Later, they were also used by various cultures for their healing properties. This long history has given the solfeggio tones a sense of mystique and reverence, making them a popular choice for sound healers and practitioners.

Unfortunately, the solfeggio tones were largely forgotten for centuries until they were rediscovered in the 1970s by Dr. Joseph Puleo. He claimed that the solfeggio tones had been lost due to the suppression of the Catholic Church, which had abolished the use of the tones in the 16th century. In recent years the solfeggio frequencies have gained popularity partly from the work of Dr. Puleo. His rediscovery also added another three solfeggio frequencies to the set. 


The Specific Solfeggio Frequencies

Each of the solfeggio tones is believed to resonate at a specific frequency that can affect the body and mind in different ways. Originally, there were six solfeggio tones (bolded below) and later three more were added.

  • 174 hz - Security and Love
  • 285 hz - Restoration and Tissue Repair
  • 396 hz - Liberating Guilt and Fear
  • 417 hz - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
  • 528 hz - Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
  • 639 hz - Connecting and Relationships
  • 741 hz - Expression and Solving Problems
  • 852 hz - Return to Spiritual Order
  • 963 hz - Communication with the Divine

Benefits of the Solfeggio Frequencies

Listening to these frequencies can have a positive impact on the mind, body, and spirit in various ways. Here are some of the potential benefits:

  1. Reducing stress and anxiety: Listening to Solfeggio tones can help reduce stress and anxiety by promoting a sense of relaxation and calm.

  2. Improving sleep: Listening to solfeggio tones before bed can promote better sleep and help reduce insomnia.

  3. Enhancing meditation: The calming effect of Solfeggio tones can help people enter a deeper meditative state, allowing them to experience greater clarity and focus.

  4. Promoting healing: Listening to Solfeggio tones can stimulate the body's natural healing processes, leading to faster recovery from illness or injury.

  5. Balancing chakras: Solfeggio tones apply to all chakras. This is a unique property of these tones. While many like to assign a specific chakra in the body to one frequency, each solfeggio tone actually affects every chakra, helping them to be cleaned, healed and balanced. 

Note: the use of Solfeggio tones as a therapeutic tool should not replace medical treatment for physical or mental health conditions. If you are interested in trying Solfeggio tones, it's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional first.

The Best Solfeggio Healing Instruments

One thing that is not commonly known is that the solfeggio frequencies can be multiplied or divided to get the same results. Sometimes this is done to create a higher or lower tone, generally for preference sake. For example, the 285 hz frequency can be divided by 2 to get a 142.5 hz frequency and this is still considered a solfeggio tone used for restoration and tissue repair.  



Solfeggio Wind Chimes

The Solfeggio Wind Chimes are a beautiful and soothing addition to any space. They're great for group and individual sound baths and also create a wonderful focal point in any room. They feature six or nine tubes, each tuned to a different solfeggio frequency. The sound is gentle and calming, making it perfect for relaxation and meditation.

The nine tube option can be used as a standard wind chime or placed on the stand for a wonderful sound bath.


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Weighted Solfeggio Tuning Forks

The Solfeggio Tuning Forks are a powerful tool for sound healing. Each fork is tuned to a different solfeggio frequency, and they can be used to balance the chakras, promote relaxation, and enhance meditation. The forks are weighted so that the vibrations are amplified and the forks can be used directly on the body. Many people find great relief using these forks and you can see why they are a top seller.

"I love my tuning forks! Right away they helped with physical pain I was having in my hand. I've started using them on my clients in my healing practice and the feedback has been amazing." ~ Kelly H

"I used the throat chakra tuning fork on my co-workers abscesses tooth and the swelling went down by half immediately." ~ Dawn C

"These are beautiful and very effective! I was actually floored with the results that I'm getting while doing tuning fork therapy. They're not only beautiful but they work, they really work! I can't say enough about these beautiful weighted solfaggio tuning forks!" ~ Cathy E



Solfeggio Wah Wah Tubes

The Solfeggio Wah Wah Tubes are a unique and fun way to incorporate solfeggio tones into your sound healing practice. These tubes are made of aluminum, which creates overtones that give the body a massage effect. Each tube is tuned to a different solfeggio frequency and produces a clear and resonant sound that can be adjusted with the wah wah effect. 

The wah-wah effect originated in the 1920s when trumpet or trombone players discovered that they could create an expressive crying tone by moving a mute in and out of the instrument's bell. This sound has also been produced with electronic circuitry using a wah-wah pedal for an electric guitar.

When you cover and uncover the hole in the wah-wah tube, it makes a sound like "wah" which gives it its name. You do not need to play it this way if you don't want to. Just striking the tube creates a mesmerizing tone by itself. 



528Hz Singing Bowl

The 528Hz Singing Bowl is a beautiful and powerful tool for sound healing, perfect pitch tuned to the C5 note. This bowl is handcrafted and tuned to the 528Hz solfeggio frequency, which is known as the "miracle tone."

The bowl comes in white or black and is decorated with the flower of life. The design is often said to represent the interconnectedness of all living things and the unity of the universe. Some people also believe that the Flower of Life contains the blueprint for all creation and that it can help individuals connect with their higher selves and the divine.

The 528 hz singing bowl can be used for chakra balancing, relaxation, and meditation, and produces a rich and complex sound that can help to promote a deep sense of peace and tranquility. Because this bowl is a solfeggio tone, it works on all chakras.

Overall, the solfeggio tones are a powerful tool for promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They have risen in popularity in recent years and are now widely used in sound healing practices. If you're interested in incorporating the solfeggio tones into your sound healing practice, consider starting with some of the products above.