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The 5 Most Powerful Crystals for Healing

Since medieval times, people have turned to crystals for healing. Everything has a vibrational frequency from plants to emotions to crystals. Every thought, emotion, and action vibrates on a specific frequency. Many celebrities these days love to surround themselves with crystals too. Kim Kardashian even uses crystals in her perfume line. 

Good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in crystals in order to use them. Many people are simply drawn to certain ones and follow their instincts, choosing what they like. Each crystal has their own meaning, energy, properties and can address specific needs. 

Below, I’ll highlight five of the most popular crystals: 


This is one of the most popular crystals and is said to be protective, healing, and purifying. Because it’s associated with the crown chakra, it’s thought to rid the mind of negative thoughts and give spiritual wisdom. Some say that setting an amethyst crystal beside their bed helps them sleep and sleep better by calming your mind and bringing pleasant dreams. Many believe that amethyst can boost hormone production, cleanse the blood, relieve pain, decrease stress, ease headaches, and strengthen intuition. There’s no wonder this crystal is so highly ranked!

Rose Quartz 

As you may have guessed, rose quarts is all about love and new relationships. That also means that rose quartz is thought to bring about a sense of inner peace (love within yourself). Many people believe that rose quartz restores trust and harmony, encourages reconciliation and empathy, and improves your close connections. In addition, it’s claimed that this crystal provides comfort and calm during times of grief. 


Citrine is often associated with the yellow, solar plexus chakra. When put on your belly while resting, it’s thought to give an instant jolt of confidence. It’s thought to help you release fear and turn it into optimism, motivation, clarity and end the feeling of being stuck. People claim that it helps with creativity and concentration and bring joy and enthusiasm to your life. 

Lapis Lazuli 

This deep blue crystal is said to encourage clarity, creativity, self-expression and a free flow of ideas. For this reason, many people enjoy having this crystal at their work desk. This crystal is thought to help people to speak their truth and raise confidence. Many claim that it stimulates objectivity, honestly, compassion, and morality. Physically, it’s thought that this crystal can help boost the immune system, purify the blood, lower blood pressure, benefit the respiratory and nervous system, cleanse organs, help the thyroid, and decrease inflammation. Some also believe that lapis lazuli helps them during Mercury retrograde, which happens three times a year. 

Clear Quartz

This crystal is actually white and is called the “Master Healer”.  It’s thought that clear quartz can regulate energy and help concentration, along with memory. This crystal is what people use when they want to reboot their life and clarify their goals. It’s extremely popular because it supposedly has all-purpose healing properties, including stimulating the immune system. Many people like to pair it with other crystals like the rose quarts to enhance their abilities. 

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Once you have the crystals for healing that you want, make sure you cleanse them regularly. There are many ways to do this but one of the easiest methods is just to leave them in a windowsill for a day so that the moon and sun can recharge them. If you don't, the energy that was absorbed into the crystal previously could be transferred back to you.