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Merkabas: Secrets of Sacred Shapes and Crystal Energy!

Are you ready to dive into a world of mystery and magic? We're about to explore something super cool – Merkabas - specifically ones made from quartz! Get ready to learn about sacred shapes, sparkling quartz crystals, and how to use them to make your dreams come true.



Sacred Geometry and Its Background:

You know how shapes can sometimes feel special? Well, some shapes are actually extra special and have deep meanings. That's where sacred geometry comes in! It's like a secret code hidden in shapes. Ancient cultures thought these shapes were connected to the universe's energy.

Sacred geometry is a concept stemming from the belief that certain geometric shapes and patterns have symbolic and spiritual meaning. It is a foundational element of various philosophical, religious, and spiritual systems around the world, encompassing intricate systems of shapes and patterns considered sacred due to their mathematical perfection and their appearance in nature.

The key elements of sacred geometry include shapes such as circles, triangles, squares, and hexagons, as well as more complex patterns like the Flower of Life, the Fibonacci spiral, and the Platonic solids. These patterns and shapes are seen in natural structures, from the spirals of galaxies and hurricanes to the symmetry in plants and the human body.

Here's why sacred geometry is important to healers and spiritual seekers:

  1. Universal Patterns: These forms are thought to underlie the structure of the universe, representing the interconnection of all life and the framework of time and space. This perception can help individuals to see the interconnectedness of all things, fostering a sense of unity and harmony.

  2. Healing and Well-being: Some practitioners of alternative medicine and healing use these shapes and patterns in their practices, believing that they can help to bring balance and health to both the mind and body.

  3. Meditation and Spiritual Growth: The shapes and symbols used in sacred geometry are often employed as focal points during meditation, assisting in achieving deeper states of consciousness, enhancing spiritual growth, and facilitating a sense of inner peace and balance.

  4. Energy Work: Healers often use sacred geometry in energy work, believing that these patterns can help to shift, focus, and manipulate energy fields to promote healing.

  5. Enhancing Intuition: Spiritual seekers might use sacred geometry to enhance their intuition and spiritual wisdom, as these shapes are considered to represent the subtle energy patterns of the universe.

  6. Symbolic Understanding: These shapes and patterns carry deep symbolic meaning that can help seekers understand fundamental spiritual and philosophical concepts about the universe and their place in it.




The Marvel of Clear Quartz Crystal:

Picture this: sparkling, clear and white crystals that seem to hold the magic of the universe. Yep, we're talking about quartz crystals! These beauties are known to have superpowers. They can store and amplify energy. Imagine having a tiny energy superhero in your pocket!

Clear Quartz Crystal is known as the "master healer" in the world of crystal healing.

Here are some of its potential healing benefits:

  1. Energy Amplification: Quartz crystals are used to amplify any energy or intention, and this is why they're often used in electronics. In a metaphysical context, they're believed to amplify the energy of other stones and enhance the energy of your own thoughts and feelings.

  2. Healing: Clear Quartz is associated with all the chakras and is said to align them, promoting better energy flow throughout the body. This is said to aid in physical healing by supporting the body's natural healing processes.

  3. Clarity: It's believed to clear the mind of negativity and enhance personal awareness and growth, thereby improving mental clarity and giving a more optimistic outlook on life.

  4. Spiritual Growth: Many use it for meditation, as it's thought to facilitate a deeper state of inner peace and connect with higher spiritual realms.

  5. Protection: It's also thought to create a protective shield around the body that can ward off negative energy.

  6. Memory Enhancement: Some users believe Clear Quartz can improve memory and concentration.

What's a Merkaba Anyway?

The Merkaba is associated with the Star Tetrahedron from Sacred Geometry. It's known as a three-dimensional, eight-pointed star made from two triangular pyramids. It is often used in meditation practices to promote ascension and spiritual development.

The Merkaba is made of two pyramids - one points up to the sky, and the other points down to the Earth. Imagine a 3D star right in front of you – that's a Merkaba!The triangles in the Merkaba represent different aspects of existence, like male and female energy, or the connection between heaven and earth. It's like the universe's way of saying, "Hey, everything's connected, and you're a part of it!"




The Deeper Meaning:

"Merkaba," also spelled Merkavah, is a term derived from ancient Egyptian and Hebrew traditions. The word is made up of three smaller words: "Mer," meaning Light, "Ka," meaning Spirit, and "Ba," meaning Body. Thus, Merkaba is typically interpreted as a vehicle of light and spirit that carries the body between different dimensions.

The Merkaba is not just any shape. In ancient times, it was believed to be a vehicle for spiritual growth. It's like a cosmic chariot that can take you on a journey to higher places, not by moving your body, but by expanding your mind and spirit.

Here's a brief overview of the spiritual significance of the Merkaba:

  1. Inter-Dimensional Vehicle: Merkaba is often seen as an inter-dimensional vehicle that aids in spiritual growth and provides protection, helping individuals move into higher realms of consciousness.

  2. Balance: The two intersecting tetrahedrons represent the balance between opposing energies (male and female, earth and cosmos) and are thought to create a harmonic balance between these forces when activated.

  3. Connection: Merkaba is believed to connect the physical and spiritual realms, aligning mind, body, and spirit, and facilitating a deep sense of interconnectedness with the universe.

  4. Activation and Ascension: Many spiritual practitioners believe that activating the Merkaba through specific meditative techniques can lead to spiritual ascension and an increased ability to communicate with higher realms.

  5. Healing: The Merkaba is also seen as a powerful tool for healing, promoting harmony, balance, and energy flow in the body, and aiding in personal and spiritual development.

  6. Protection: The Merkaba is often viewed as a spiritual shield against negative energies, providing a powerful protective field when activated.




Manifesting Faster with Merkaba:

Okay, here's where things get exciting! The Merkaba isn't just a cool shape to look at. It's like a wish-granting machine. Imagine telling the universe what you want, and the Merkaba helping it happen faster. How? By connecting your intentions with the universe's energy. It's like teamwork between you and the cosmos!




How to Use Your Merkaba:

Manifestation with a Merkaba involves a combination of focused intention, meditation, and visualization techniques. It is based on the idea that your thoughts and intentions can directly impact your reality. Here are some steps that may help you manifest more effectively and faster with a Merkaba:

  1. Intention: Start by clearly defining your intention or the outcome you wish to manifest. Be specific, realistic, and choose something that truly resonates with you and your deepest desires.

  2. Merkaba Meditation: Sit comfortably in a quiet, peaceful place where you won't be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths to relax your body and mind.

  3. Visualization: Visualize a three-dimensional, eight-pointed star (the Merkaba) surrounding your body. Some imagine this as two triangular pyramids, one pointing up (representing the spiritual realm), the other down (representing the physical world). The star is typically seen as a vehicle of light or energy. You can even visualize your Merkaba lighting up.

  4. Activation: To activate your Merkaba, some traditions suggest visualizing the two pyramids spinning in opposite directions, often with the top one spinning to the right and the bottom one to the left. This spinning action is believed to generate a field of energy around you. You can also easily use a crystal Merkaba, strike it and them spin it afterwards. It's a magical effect of gathering the cosmos and emitting transformational sound healing energy.

  5. Focus on Your Intention: Once you've activated your Merkaba, focus on your intention. Visualize it as vividly as possible and imagine it manifesting in your life. Feel the emotions associated with achieving your desire. Remember, according to manifestation principles, it's crucial to believe in the outcome as if it's already happened.

  6. Gratitude: Show gratitude for what you are about to receive. This positive emotion is thought to enhance manifestation.

  7. Let it Go: After you've completed your meditation, let go of your intention. Trust in the process and believe that the universe will take care of it.

  8. Action: After your meditation, take active steps in your everyday life towards your goal. Manifestation works alongside practical action.

You can also close your eyes, imagine your Merkaba lighting up with energy, like a star glowing in the night sky. Feel your wish becoming part of the universe's plan. When you're ready, open your eyes, and keep that positive feeling with you!


Now that we have journeyed through the magic of Merkabas, from the universe's coded geometry to the sparkling quartz crystals, you know it's not just a shape – it's a key to unlocking the universe's magic.

If you're a sound or energy healer, you already understand the power of energy. The Merkaba adds a new dimension, a new tool to amplify intentions and manifestations. Enjoy!


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 Photo courtesy of Life Changing Energy certified healer Delia Sousa-Fliedner