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How To Create A Successful Sound Healing Business

Sound healing business, singing bowls, sound therapy

Do you want to grow your healing business and help more people in need without worrying about your bills? Then this blog is just for you. 

In this post, you are going to know about the strategic secrets that I used to build my sound healing business from the ground up and take it to six figures.

So if you are struggling with how to stand out as a sound healer.

And build the foundation of sound healing with marketing strategies that work, keep reading…

Create a community, not just customers

When you first start a healing business, you might think you don’t need a community…

But don’t fall into the trap of ‘working in a box’

A community helps you to grow, to learn, and to gain more knowledge about your customers. 

When they share their struggles and their experiences, you can utilize that information to better your services. 

It helps to build your network. Opening up more opportunities and exposing you to more clients/customers. And other than referrals and word-of-mouth publicity, you also create genuine supporters who are part of your journey. 

In short, a community keeps you grounded, supports you, and helps build your brand. 

Lead with your WHY!

What is it that makes you different than others out there?

Your Story.

It’s Your Why!

So share your personal stories, vision, and vulnerabilities.This will build emotional connection and trust among your audience. And when they trust and relate to you, it makes them more likely to use your services or products. 

Offer Unique (and Extra) Value:

Be up-to-date with industry trends to share thoughtful, relevant content with your community. And when you offer your sound healing services, look out for ways to give that ‘extra’ value. 

It doesn’t always have to eat a lot of your time. Templates, cheatsheets, a small crystal, or therapy guides are excellent freebies.

Add Complementary Products To Service (Or the Other Way Round):

When I launched Life Changing Energy, my initial plan was to offer products first and then upsell my courses.

But surprisingly…

My courses turned out to be the ‘star attraction’ that fed the purchase of other store items. I began with complementary items like crystals and singing bowls and later expanded to yoga clothes and jewelry.  

The point I’m trying to make is…

Always think of ways you can increase your customer's LTV (Life Time Value). That is the amount a customer buys from you over their lifetime.

When your customers keep coming back to you, it makes your business sustainable. Because it's much easier to get a customer to buy again than to pursue a new cold lead.


Hope you use these tips to engage your audience and build customer loyalty.  

VickiIf you’re looking for a step-by-step system that teaches you exactly how to start and grow a sound healing business and takes the guesswork out of the process, check out the "The Business of Being a Healer" course