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How to Clean Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Quartz crystal singing bowls are just like any other crystal, aside from selenite, where they absorb negative energy.

When sound bowls are sent through the mail, they pick up energies along the way and even though everything in our store is sent with reiki energy, blessings and intentions, the bowls can arrive needing to be cleansed. 

Cleaning is pretty simple. Just use a mild soap and water (or just water only) and rinse the inside and outside of the bowl. You can pat it dry with a soft cloth or set it out to dry in the sun. The sun will give your bowls an additional cleanse. 

Here's exactly how I clean my bowls: 


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If you are taking your bowls traveling, setting them in the grass, dirt or sand, you'll want to make sure you clean your bowls after every trip. The cases that our bowls come in are not meant to be used for daily storage. They are for protecting your bowls from breakage, chipping and damage while being transported.

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Singing bowls like to be out in the air, breathing rather than being cooped up in their storage cases so unpack your bowls so that they can air out after you travel. 

You can put items inside your singing bowls, including your hands, feet and head so that you can cleanse their aura. Afterwards, they have absorbed the negative energy and would benefit from a quick water rinse to cleanse.