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How to Choose the Right Crystal Singing Bowl for You

Choosing a crystal singing bowl is, many times, a matter of preference. We love quartz crystal singing bowls because of their rich, penetrating tone, durability, and healing properties. 

Interestingly enough, the quartz in crystal singing bowls was originally a by-product from the computer industry. Because quartz can be heated to high temperatures, it was used as 'crucibles' to grow computer chips and other components within them. From this, crystal singing bowls were created, the most common set of seven corresponding to each of our seven basic chakras.

Crystal chakra singing bowls aren’t just for practitioners either. They are easily accessible to everyone and you don’t need any past musical skills to play them. 

How to Choose a Size

Before choosing the right size of your singing bowl, it’s good to understand how size matters for both beginners and the healer. 

Small size

If you are a beginner and wish to learn and understand how singing bowls work, choosing the 6 inches diameter bowl is a good first choice.  The bowl has a high tone and a shorter resonance period. In most cases, small-sized bowls are used for the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. 

Medium size

The seven to eight inch diameter bowls, like the small bowls, can still fit in the palm of your hand. They are commonly used for the throat chakra with musical note G. They can be used in chakra balancing, cleaning aura, cleaning space, and meditations. 

Large size 

The large bowls have a deep, rich vibrance with a higher resonance that corresponds to the lower chakras. Because they vibrate for a longer time, large singing bowls arel ideal for placing body parts inside the bowl for greater healing potential. 

We always recommend getting a set of seven so that you can attune any part of your body, especially if you’re serious about using sound therapy for your daily or weekly healing. 

The Tone

Once you are done with the size, the next important step is to choose the right tone. Every person responds differently to different tones, so use your intuition to guide you on this one. When you listen to songs on the radio, do you enjoy the high or low pitches? Find your best singing bowl based upon what soothes and feels great to you. Again, we often advise getting a set of seven -- then you don’t have to choose!

How Singing Bowls Attune Your Body and Life

The different crystal singing bowl options are perfect for healing the whole body. Each body organ, bone, and cell has a resonant frequency. When our bodies feel unhealthy and sluggish, sound therapy can reset these energy fields. The powerful vibration tone from a large-sized singing bowl travels simultaneously all over your body, creating deep relaxation. 

In contrast the smaller singing bowl is ideal as it is light and can fit the head. This is the perfect treatment for relieving stress and tension, especially after hours of hard work.

Singing bowls often help with meditation as well. Many people love to chant the same tone the bowl creates. Connect within and with your bowl. 

How to take care of crystal chakra singing bowls

When you play your crystal singing bowls, they may collect dust, dirt, and other potentially negative energies. Fingerprints can be easily wiped off with a microfiber cloth or washed off with non-abrasive, gentle soap and water. To dry, set your bowls out in the sunshine (and leave overnight in the moonlight) to absorb the clean earth energy. 

Just like regular crystals, your bowls need to be recharged so that you can have the best results with your next sound bath. You can also recharge your crystal singing bowls with the same tuning forks that you use for your body. 

Lastly, when transporting your singing bowls, always carry them from the bottom with two hands. If you’re going outdoors, use a padded carry case like those that our bowls come with. Be sure to wash and dry your hands before playing or touching your bowl to minimize oils or stains.