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How to Achieve Deeper Levels of Meditation with Crystal Singing Pyramids

Crystal Singing Pyramids for Sound Healing


Have you ever wanted to experience the deeper levels of meditation? Or maybe wanted to help your client get there?

What I want to share with you today is how the crystal singing pyramid allowed me to experience remarkable transformations through deeper meditation.

There are many reasons why it’s so powerful in helping you advance you and your client’s spiritual journey because almost immediately, its positive energy creates deeper feelings of calmness and relaxation which take you deep into your inner self, potentially helping to clear out years of issues that no longer serve you.

This allows you to experience a deeper understanding with your mind, body and soul, healing you mentally, physically and emotionally, feeling complete peace and tranquility. It can help you to form a deeper connection with your spiritual self too.

This might sound like a lot for one tool to accomplish, but I tell you this through personal experience. In fact, it was such a surreal and defining moment that I knew I had to share this magical experience with you because of the added spiritual experience it brings to your clients!

Crystal Singing Pyramids have the amazing ability to do all that I shared above, plus it helps you to:

    • Experience the deeper levels of meditation, relaxation and calmness
    • Release years of stuck negative energy from the body
    • Heal and revitalize your mental, physical and emotional states
    • Form a deeper connection with your mind, your body and your spirit
    • Balance your brain, open your heart and raise your vibrations
    • Tap into the deeper levels of consciousness and subconsciousness
    • Enhance your spiritual awakening 

Why is the Crystal Singing Pyramid so powerful?

It's made from 99.99% pure crystal quartz which is a highly spiritual crystal that corresponds with the chakras, especially the crown located at the top of the head. Crystal Quartz has the ability to amplify positive energy and thoughts, activate the third eye to unlock your intuition, and has the potential to magnify your manifestations too, all while guiding you forward on your spiritual journey. 

Quartz is also known as the universal crystal because it’s the most powerful healing stone that’s not only known for the remarkable effects it has on your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

It’s also known for its physical healing abilities by removing toxins from the body, stimulating your immune system, cleansing and enhancing your organs, stimulating your vagus nerve to stabilize your nervous system, and even helps to recharge your physical energy levels by enhancing deep sleep.

But that’s not the only reason why Crystal Singing Pyramids are so powerful.

Can you hear the difference? 

@lifechangingenergy Which one did you like the best: yellow, green, blue, red1, red2, baby red? #singingpyramid #test #soundtherapy ♬ original sound - Vickie Gould

The Power of Sacred Geometry

It's also crafted using the theory of sacred geometry which is also another energy amplifier that resonates with your body, mind and spirit. In fact, world-renowned psychologist Carl Jung discovered that humans are born with a natural understanding of geometry and that certain shapes have a major influence on your consciousness and well-being.

    • The triangle is a symbol that stimulates creativity, ambition, strength, determination and manifestation.
    • And the square (at the base of the pyramid) represents unity, balance, order, stability and control.
    • That’s why pyramids are used where it is desirable to combine all these properties together into one place.
    • The ancient Egyptians understood this when they made the pyramids to represent the upwards journey to the next level of spirituality.
    • Buddhists saw the triangle as a symbol of transformation and the strength to move forward.
    • And it might have even occurred to you that it could be the reason why the pyramid is used on the back of the one dollar bill.

Just imagine what happens when you combine the natural energy amplifiers of the pyramid and the crystal quartz together into a single unit -- that’s why Crystal Singing Pyramids are like a natural energy amplifier on steroids!

When you strike it with a mallet, the quartz creates an electrical charge which amplifies the energy and emits audible vibrations that are pure and perfect because its molecular structure allows it to maintain its natural harmonic resonance.

The shape of the pyramid (being an energy amplifier by itself) also resonates with the energy of the quartz, creating intense sound waves to essentially triple its overall energy effects.

This is the reason why Singing Pyramid have some of the longest lasting sounds. In fact, it can ring for up to a minute so you don’t have to keep striking it again and again, making it effortless to keep a constant vibration during your sound healing sessions.

You can just let it ring in the background to maintain your meditative flow as you comfortably switch between instruments.

It’s a must-have if you want to achieve deeper levels of meditation and to really awaken your consciousness.

Not a Specific Note

Singing pyramids are not toned to a specific note because it was created to resonate at multiple frequencies. Their unique overtones and undertones work together in a beautiful harmony to create its own distinctive sound that is clear, pure and powerful. These powerful vibrations travel through the air and into your body where it resonates throughout your entire being, making each one of your cells vibrate in unity.

How to Use the Singing Pyramid in Your Healing Sessions

After you strike it with a mallet, you can:

    • Keep it stationary for a constant vibration with a long lasting ring…
    • Swing it back and forth to create a pendulum-like vibration
    • Swing it in a circle to create a swirling vortex of sound
    • Spin it to create a vibration that spreads outwards like a fan in all directions (this technique helps you manifest at super speed)
    • Put it above your head to wrap and immerse yourself in sound waves that travel down and around your body

Watch it spin here: 

@lifechangingenergy Use this sound to #manifestfaster. Just listen daily 3x and watch the miracles appear. #singingpyramid #soundhealing #manifestingmethods ♬ original sound - Vickie Gould

Or you can even just have it sitting there beside you which is what makes Crystal Singing Pyramids so versatile, because simply just by being in its presence, you can experience the numerous benefits from the crystal quartz combined with the sacred geometry of the pyramids.

What to Look for in a Crystal Singing Pyramid

Make sure that your singing pyramid is made from a high concentration of the purest crystal quartz because if you don’t, not only will it sound totally different, there’s a good chance you’ll miss out on the true healing potential and the powerful transformational effects of the crystal singing pyramid.

That’s why you need to make sure yours is made from 99.99% pure crystal quartz -- it may look like glass because it’s clear, but it’s not simple glass at all.

And it unites all the healing properties of pure crystal quartz, the sacred geometry of the pyramids, and the powerful transformational effects of sound that is both grounding and expansive, tranquil, yet energizing.

Its versatility makes it an all-encompassing solution that heals you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually on all levels because you can get to healing right away through the healing properties of pure crystal quartz, the sacred geometry of the pyramids, and the powerful transformational effects of its sound.

You get to further you and your client’s spiritual journey and be able to experience the deeper levels of mediation that you’re looking for.