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How Crystal Singing Bowls Heal

Crystal singing bowls are an amazing tool to promote full-body healing and well-being through sound therapy. When used to align your chakras, the bowls can help to open, balance and heal each one. Our ancestors practiced sound therapy regularly to align their chakras and promote optimal health. 

Singing bowls are based on the concept that everything in the universe is in a constant vibrational state. The frequency at which an object vibrates naturally is what is referred to as resonance and why crystal singing bowls work. This tool has been used over many centuries and still remains an important part of energy healing today. 

What are crystal chakra singing bowls?

Crystal singing bowls aren’t just a pretty musical instrument. They vibrate and produce varying tones when played which many regard as a way to promote relaxation and provide powerful healing for the body, mind and soul. They are made of pure quartz and come in assorted sizes, generally ranging from 6 to 17 inches. 

The human body has a natural affinity to quartz. Molecularly, our body cells contain silica which balances our electromagnetic energies. Crystal serves as an oscillator so it magnifies and transmits the vibration. As the sound alters the frequencies within the body, you enter an improved state of consciousness. 

Additionally, many use each crystal singing bowl in a set of seven to target the seven basic chakras that need help to be opened, balanced and healed. 

Big Health Benefits of Singing Bowls 

The importance of sound and its role in supporting the human spirit as well as our physical and mental health has been well recognized through many generations. Many experts believe that pure quartz crystals can significantly promote overall body health. 

A single crystal singing bowl emits a monaural beat in a single tone. However, when two or more crystal singing bowls are used, they emit different pitches (binaural beats) responsible for deep relaxation, alertness, and memory improvement.    

The energy sent by the bowls affect your mind and body, creating an alpha or theta brainwave state. The benefits of being in this meditative state include deep relaxation, normalizing blood pressure, and creating an inner exploratory expedition where you can easily connect with your subconscious mind.            

For many people, a lack of balance can cause emotional and physical ramifications like energy flow blockage or stopping an entire organ from creating a vibration at its normal frequency. You may feel anxious, depressed, stuck, inflamed, have chronic pain, or have a general feeling of being “off”. The singing bowls can help resolve this issue by sending sound waves throughout your body which builds harmony through the binaural beats. This restores your body balance, opens up your chakras, and helps you heal.

Seven Bowls, Seven Chakras

Each crystal singing bowl is digitally matched to the musical scale at C, D, E, F, G, A, B in 440 hz or 432 hz frequency. This musical scale relates to different chakras, including:

The root chakra 

It is positioned at the base of the spinal column. It is linked with survival, safety, drive, and aspiration, and grounding. Chant OM to help open this chakra. Red is the color for the root chakra and the music tone is C. 

The sacral chakra 

It is the sexual chakra and is positioned between the navel and the pubic bone. It is believed to be the center of emotional feelings and it stimulates pleasure. It is orange in color and the music note is D. 

The solar plexus chakra 

It is positioned midway between the end of the breastbone and the navel. It is associated with confidence and self-esteem. The solar plexus chakra is yellow and the musical note is E.

The heart chakra 

It is located at the center of the chest. It is linked with relationships and love. The heart chakra is green in color and the music note is F.

The throat chakra 

It is positioned at the base of the throat, and it is mostly linked with communication, phrasing, and speaking the truth. The throat chakra is light blue and the music note is G.  

The third eye chakra

It is positioned at the center of the forehead and it is dark blue. It is linked with perceptions, awareness, and spiritual communication. Its musical note is A.

The crown chakra

Crown chakra is located at the top of your head. It is mostly associated with cosmic awareness, high spirituality, and complete integration with the divine. It is violet in color even though many use a clear quartz crystal with it. Its musical note is B.

Create Your Own Sound Bath At Home

Singing bowls can wash away the worries and stress of the day. Not only that, they help to remove toxic energy from around you. The great news is that you don’t need a lot of skills to play them. Healers and practitioners use them in sessions with their clients, but you can create your own revitalizing bath in your home with your own set.