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Cord Cutting: An Effective Way to Eliminate Negative Energy

by Guest Contributor - Anna Tsui

Cord Cutting

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re having a great day, the sun is out, you’re in the flow of life and everything seems to be working out as planned. 

You have a few meetings that go without a hitch but then, suddenly, a rogue thought pops into your head and you start worrying about something seemingly random.

“I’m getting older, what if my health fails and I end up sick?”

And, before you know it, you start heading down this rabbit hole of negative thinking and self-shaming. 

“I’d be healthier if I exercised more. I’ve been saying this for years!”

And then it starts escalating

“I should’ve started working out months ago, now it’s summer time and I’m overweight and I don’t want anyone to see me.”

Before you know it, your breath becomes more shallow and you start feeling really stressed out--and you’re not sure why!
If you can relate to this scenario, then you’re probably an intuitive and an empath. 

I’ll tell you why.

Believe it or not, the initial energy that set off the negative spiral of thoughts within you might not have come from you. It was likely an empathetic reaction to someone else’s energy that then took hold inside your system.

This was one of the most important lessons I learned in my life as an empath.

How to cut Cords

Growing up, there were many times when I felt depressed, when I was overcome with worry or anxiety. 

For many years, I thought I was just an anxious or depressed person. I always had gut issues and heavy fatigue and sometimes had no energy to even get out of bed. Doctors could not explain why this was happening. I felt like a total mess.

One night, in my mid twenties I woke up furiously worried about whether or not I would ever get married. 

I found this really odd because I didn’t even want to get married at the time and when I asked myself why I was feeling this, I got a clear answer: I was tapping into my parent’s worries about me!

Slowly, I learned that I was taking on subconscious thoughts from other people in my life, my friends, partners, clients and colleagues--even strangers!

When I started a daily practice of clearing my energy and cutting energetic cords, my life got so much easier and eventually the depression and anxiety and physical illness symptoms drastically subsided.

I’m so happy to share this effective practice with you, so that you can feel like yourself again.

And it’s not just me, when my clients do this process they instantly feel better, they get more inspired ideas and feel less fearful of taking risks. 

If you’re an empath or a performer, or, ironically, someone with really vibrant, happy energy, you MUST do this clearing exercise as often as possible. The reason for this is: other people tend to attach to your energetic field because it feels safe and inviting. 

This is why you can be a naturally bubbly person but feel heavy--it’s other people unconsciously draining your energy. 

Easy and Effective cord Cutting Exercise for Clearing Negative Energy

When you come in contact with someone, physically or even if they are thinking of you, there is an energetic connection in the form of an energy cord. When you have someone else’s energy cord connected to you long term it can cause entanglement.

Cutting your energy cords is a loving daily practice that allows you and the other parties to be in their own energy. 

Step 1:

Close your eyes. Find your breath. Settle into the safety of your body and take about 10 slow breaths here. 

Step 2:

In your mind’s eye, your imagination, ask that your higher self and your spirit guides come to assist you in this process. Ask them to help you identify and cut the energetic cords of people in your system.

Step 3:

Feel into any energy that is not yours. This energy can seem to be a different color or just feel “off.” Ask who this energy belongs to. Sometimes you will immediately know but other times you may not be sure, I’ll give you a scenario for both. 

Step 4a:

If you know whose energy is in your field, simply picture their face and the cord in front of you and, with an imaginary sharp object of your choosing (can be a knife, sword, scissors, crystal, etc.) cut the cord(s).

Repeat for additional people if necessary.

Step 4b:

If you don’t know whose energy is in your field, simply picture the cord(s) that are attached to your energy and with an imaginary sharp object of your choosing (can be a knife, sword, scissors, crystal, etc.) cut the cord(s).

Once you finish cutting all the cords. I like to wrap myself in a protective bubble of love, and I imagine this same bubble of love around the people whose cords I’ve cut as well. It becomes a healing and empowering process for everyone. 

Give this a try and you may feel instantly lighter.

Do this everyday and you will likely notice a big shift in your quality of life and inspiration!


Guest Contributor

Anna Tsui

Genius Maker
Bestselling author of Shadow Magic: Turn Your Fear Into Fuel and Create a Prosperous Coaching Business