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6 Health Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls

The benefits of crystal chakra singing bowls are many and include significantly improving your mind, body and spirit. Sound therapy has been shown to be effective in relieving stress and improving health, life satisfaction, happiness and overall wellness.

Rainbow Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing bowls are made of quartz and tuned to the body’s chakra centers. They help to repair, open, heal and balance those centers. When you use quartz crystal chakra singing bowls, they facilitate the flow of energy freely in your body, eliminating any blockages that may be causing you physical or emotional issues. 

1. They Promotes Deep Relaxation

Singing bowl benefit relaxation

Crystal chakra singing bowls produce calming tones, which bring you to a state of calm and bliss. Additionally, the soothing tone releases tension and promotes a marvelous sense of deep relaxation. 

2. They Relieve Anxiety 


The hypnotizing tones clear the mind of any stress, tension, or anxiety. This is achieved when your brainwaves are synchronized to the resonance of the bowl, inducing a deep meditative and peaceful state.

3. They Balance Your Chakras

Chakra Balancing with singing bowls

Each bowl represents a chakra: notes C,D,E,F,G,A and B correspond to each of the seven basic chakras. 

Crystal chakra singing bowls can adjust and balance the sine waves of each chakra. They release high frequencies which travel from chakra to chakra. Because your chakras are the centers of many things including wisdom, intuition, love, communication, reproduction, grounding and connection to the divine, it’s important to keep them open and balanced. 

4. Stimulate the Immune System

Immune System Singing Bowl Benefit

Crystal chakra singing bowls produce sound frequencies that restore, optimize and balance the energy flow in all parts of your body. This, in turn, stimulates your immune system to work better.

5. They Heal the Body

Heal the body with crystal singing bowls

Crystal chakra singing bowls emit high vibration tones that produce healing frequencies which in turn benefit the body.  They can help with muscle regeneration, pain in joints, brain fog, improve circulation, relieve pain in joints, and even improve digestion.

6. They Heal the Soul 

heal the soul with crystal singing bowls

Crystal singing bowls are therapeutic tools and they produce tones that can awaken and stimulate awareness. Your soul will follow the sedative tones as it gets healed. It’s an ancient form of regeneration that still works today.

When you use your quartz singing bowls in your daily life, you can use them:

  • To release stress and anxiety
  • To meditate 
  • To cleanse the chakras 
  • To improve body system function
  • To cleanse the environmental energy
  • To clean your crystals and much more

Sound therapy is a remarkable and natural technique that can help your body, mind and spirit without invasive procedures. Our everyday life is full of situations that can increase our stress. According to modern research, our healthcare system is ill-equipped to help us beyond using pharmaceuticals, which many times don’t work or create other issues. Being in a constant state of stress has been documented to lead to a plethora of other health problems, lowering the quality of life we live. 

That’s why so many people are turning to more holistic approaches such as sound therapy to improve their wellness. Using crystal singing bowls and sound healing techniques are getting more popular daily. It is our desire that they will soon be commonplace for us to have sets of crystal chakra singing bowls in every home.