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3 Reasons The Law of Attraction Might Not Be Working for You

by Guest Contributor Jacquelyn Gioertz

Law of Attraction is an amazing Universal Law that is pretty popular these days.

If you’re not familiar with it, the simple definition is “Like attracts Like."   

Sounds easy enough, right?

The way you work with it is to direct your thoughts, words, and actions to be in alignment with what you desire. What you think about, you bring about. What you focus on expands. Affirmations and visualizing are great tools to help you get in alignment and manifest what you desire.

What If You Can’t Get It to Work?

There are several reasons why the Law of Attraction will feel like it’s not working for you. (Trust me, it’s ALWAYS working – kinda like gravity.) I’m going to share with you three common reasons.

Why the law of attraction works

The First Reason

You have to have clarity about what it is you desire.

Think of it this way, imagine you are feeling hungry, and you decide to stop by your favorite restaurant for breakfast.

You walk in and your server says, “Hi! What would you like?”

And you say, “I’d like some breakfast!”

Your server: “Great! We HAVE breakfast! What would you like?!”

You: “I’ll have eggs!”

Your server: “Awesome! We HAVE eggs! How would you like them?”

You get the picture? You have to put a clear order in to the Universe and you can’t keep changing your mind either. Make a decision and stick to it.

Your Energy with law of Attraction

The Second Reason

You sometimes can’t get it to work consistently is because you are vibrating at a different frequency than what you say you desire.

See, everything is just energy. Everything has a frequency, and you must be a match for the “thing” that you’re calling in.

If you have an underlying belief that it’s not possible, or you’re not worthy or some other lie, then THAT frequency is what you’re actually sending out into the Universe and THAT’S what the Universe is reflecting back to you. The Universe always says “yes” to whatever frequency you offer.

You can begin to shift your frequency by changing your beliefs. Start by creating new statements that reflect your new desired beliefs. Anything that begins with “I am” will be a powerful new frequency. Do a mirror exercise. It goes like this: look into your eyes in your mirror and say, “I love you and I approve of you.” Repeat that every time you stand in front of your mirror and it will become your new reality. That changes your frequency.

Desire in law of attraction

The Third Reason

You haven’t detached from the desire.

When you put your order in to the Universe, you must do so with the intention and belief “It is done.” What happens sometimes, is we ask for what we desire in a sort of hopeful, pleading kind of way. Then we visualize and repeat affirmations diligently, but every time we do, we have this nagging voice in the back of our head saying, “but it’s not there”.  That changes your frequency, and you are no longer in alignment with what you say you desire. You vibrate at the frequency of the desire and then you INCLUDE the frequency of the lack of it.

Here’s how you can change that! Create your affirmation of what you desire in the present tense, with an emotion and gratitude. For example, “I am so happy and grateful now that I have $50,000 in my savings account.” Sounds great until you hear that little voice that says, “Liar!” right?

So, here’s what you do, you add the phrase “in the process of” or “am becoming”. Now your affirmation sounds like this: “I am so happy and grateful now that I am in the process of having $50,000 in my savings account”.

Your mind will look for proof and even if you only find a penny in your couch cushions, that little voice will agree that you are “in the process of” because you will be a penny closer to your goal!

The final tip is to add this to all your manifesting statements, “This or something even better!” That opens the door for all kinds of miracles!

Happy Manifesting!

Guest Contributor

Jacquelyne L Gioertz

Jacquelyn Gioertz is founder and CEO of Awakening Women LLC and author of the book,  “The Unthinkable Has Happened: A Guide for the Young Widow”.

As an Intuitive Transformational Thought Mentor and Divine Frequency Expert, Jacquelyn strives to inspire and empower all people to embrace their uniqueness, discover their strengths and tap into the Magic of The Universe to create the life they love and deserve.