Natural Turquoise Orgonite Energy Bracelet

Orgonite is a material made specifically to capture, cleanse and release orgone energy. It is a combination of quartz and tiny metal pieces held together by a resin. These materials work together to recondition the orgone energy so that it can be an effective conduit for the other energy.

Orgone was first discovered by Dr Wilhelm Reich an Austrian scientist born in the alpine lands in 1897. Reich was actually able to demonstrate that Orgone radiation shared similar energy to the rays of the sun. 

Orgone bracelets are popular for those who want to stay protected around the clock from outside energy. Direct skin contact with orgone can ensure that any negative or stagnant energy in the body is swirled up and cleansed and ready to guide you to more positive and healthy places.


Turquoise Details

Along with cleansing energy, this Natural Turquoise Orgonite Energy Bracelet can be amazing for helping to keep the chakras cleansed. We have seven energy points in our body and each is connected to a certain area of our emotional and physical health.

Orgone energy is all geared towards shifting blocks and inviting life to flow through. Our chakras echo this as at times they can become blocked and stop all that universal energy from helping us hit our full potential. While Orgonite is doing its important work spinning positive energy and removing filters and blocks, it will also contribute to keeping the chakras clear and in flow.

Chakra: Throat

Element: Earth, Air, Fire

Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

Birth Month: July, December

Affirmation: I am already enough.

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