Imprinted Colloidal Silver

8 oz Colloidal Silver 10-20ppm with optional frequency imprint.

What is imprinting?

Colloidal Silver imprinting involves introducing a specific frequency into water.

It is believed that the imprinted frequency of these substance interrupt the communications systems of certain pathogens virtually rendering them inoperable, or actually adjust the bodies own frequency communication pathways to resolve issues.

It's a well-known strategy when in war that the first target is the enemy's lines of communications. Once these are knocked out, the enemy can easily be subdued. The same may hold true in regards to the body's foreign invaders -- and how the imprinted frequency helps relieve issues through the imprinted colloidal silver.

Comes in amber or blue glass bottle. You will receive either one 8 oz bottle or two 4 oz bottles.

This item is made in small batches. It sells out quickly and could take a few extra days to fulfill.



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Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Returns not accepted on this product.