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Gold Plated Raw Crystal Necklace
Gold Plated Raw Crystal Necklace
Gold Plated Raw Crystal Necklace
Gold Plated Raw Crystal Necklace
Gold Plated Raw Crystal Necklace
Gold Plated Raw Crystal Necklace
Gold Plated Raw Crystal Necklace

Gold Plated Raw Crystal Necklace

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    Some people believe that raw crystals have more pure energy since they are untouched and unchanged. 

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    All our products are infused with intentions and reiki by a level 3 Reiki Master. 

    Grab these Raw Crystal Necklaces while you still can!

    • Custom-handmade with love, each one is unique in shape, size, texture, veins, and shine (photo may make stones look shinier than they are)
    • Material: Raw Rose Quartz, Amethyst or Green Aventurine, Gold Plated (may be cut, but not processed)
    • Perfect as a gift for you and your friends



    Rose Quartz

    Rose quartz is the stone of universal and unconditional love.  Known for its great healing properties, rose quartz is one of the most valuable and prized stones among jewelry owners, modern enthusiasts and holistic healers. 

    Known as the “Heart Stone,'' rose quartz helps attract new love, keeps family ties close and nurtures friendship. Having rose quartz in your home brings emotional, physical and spiritual healing. It strengthens love or romantic relationships, awakens sensual creativity, encourages passion and intimacy. Some people love to use rose quarts to block nightmares and give happy dreams. 

    Chakra: Heart

    Element: Earth, Water

    Zodiac: Taurus, Libra

    Birth Month: January

    Affirmation: I have deep love and respect for myself and others.

    Green Aventurine

    Green Aventurine neutralizes all sources of electromagnetic pollution, blocking out emanations from computers, television and other electronic equipment. It is a stone of comfort and brings well-being and emotional calm. It removes nausea and eliminates negative emotions and thoughts. Green aventurine can help strengthen eyesight too. It's a good all-round healer.

    Chakra: Heart

    Element: Earth

    Zodiac: Aries, Leo

    Birth Month: August

    Affirmation: I attract abundance in my career, relationships and life.



    Amethyst is known as a powerful and protective stone. It protects the wearer from electromagnetic stress and turns energy into love. It's a natural tranquilizer, reduces stress and strain, relieves insomnia (many sleep with it under their pillow), balances mood swings, and dissolves fear and anxiety. Amethyst also opens up intuition and spiritual awareness. It calms and stimulates the mind so that you can be more focused and have better memory. It can also encourage sobriety. 

    Amethyst also enhances your memory, including remembering and understanding dreams. It is also used to ease headaches and releases tension.  

    Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

    Element: Air, Water

    Zodiac: Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

    Birth Month: February, June

    AffirmationI raise my vibration with the high frequency of Amethyst and it reconnects me with my higher self.

    The rough texture and shape of raw crystals makes for unique jewelry. You can easily see all the ridges, veins, markings, and color variations easily (photos may be different from actual based on your computer screen settings). It's amazing what is created without human intervention. 



      Tips to keep your gold plated jewelry shiny: 

      1. Do not spray perfume, hairspray or other sprays while wearing your gold plated jewelry. The chemicals in the products can interact with your jewelry’s metal.

      2. If you're using lotion, wait until it's fully absorbed into your skin before putting your jewelry on. 

      3. Keep away from moisture/humidity. Substances like sweat, oil, nail polish, nail polish remover, chlorine, etc can cause tarnish so make sure you take off your jewelry when you're doing activities like exercise or swimming. 

      4. Every after use, clean your gold plated jewelry with a soft cloth or cotton ball to remove anything that has gotten on it while you were wearing it. 

      5. Do not use jewelry cleaners and antibacterial soaps to clean your jewelry  because it may contain ingredients that will cause your jewelry to tarnish.




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