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Sacred Ceremonies + Bonuses (Optional Crystal Set)

Sacred Ceremonies + Bonuses (Optional Crystal Set)

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    Why Buy From Life Changing Energy

    Facilitate Profound Transformation for People Seeking Balance, Healing, and Rejuvenation.



    What if you could restore your inner balance, rejuvenate your life force, and rekindle your spiritual connection?

    What if you could unlock the ancient secrets of personal and spiritual transformation?

    What if you could also be a guide for others to experience profound shifts?

    That's exactly what Sacred Ceremonies™️ can help you do.

    We'll show you six different sacred healing ceremonies you can facilitate privately or with others.



    They provide the pathway to:

    • Unveiling hidden insights: Often our deepest wisdom resides where we least expect it - within us. Sacred ceremonies provide a bridge to this wisdom.
    • Restoring balance and harmony: Through the healing power of these ceremonies, you can realign your physical, mental, and spiritual states, creating a state of harmony within and around you.
    • Awakening to new possibilities: When we heal from our wounds, we open ourselves to fresh, positive energies and opportunities.
    • Strengthening your spiritual connection: As you immerse yourself in these ceremonies, you will rekindle your connection with the spiritual world and understand your place in the grand tapestry of life.

    There are no accidents ... the road you've been walking has led your search here, to a place of transformation, healing, and self-discovery. Like the ancient seekers who found wisdom and healing through sacred ceremonies, you too are on the verge of an extraordinary journey.

    Because, isn't it time you rediscover your inner peace, heal your spirit, and evoke your inner power?

    These ceremonies have been carefully chosen to help you reconnect with your spiritual essence. They have been passed down through generations and offer the opportunity to reach into the very core of your being and mend your soul.

    You can perform your ceremonies by yourself or use what you've learned to facilitate your own group ceremonies. 

    Plus we'll teach you how to create your own unique and special ceremony ... and promote it! 

    Optional ADD-ON: 19 piece crystal set

    Here's what's included .... 

    8 Raw Stones:

    • Black Tourmaline
      • Tiger Eye
        • Citrine
          • Green Aventurine
          • Lapis Lazuli
            • Amethyst
              • Clear/White Quartz

              • Rose Quartz

                7 Bottled Stones:

                • Red Jasper
                • Pink Quartz
                • Citrine
                • Tiger Eye
                • Green Aventurine
                • Amethyst
                • White Quartz

                1 Incense Holder - Raw Rose Quartz

                1 Selenite Stick with light colored wrapped Gemstones

                1 Bookmark or pendulum with amethyst heart

                1 Small Crystal Grid

                Total package weight approx 14 oz  

                  Please note these unique stones are created by nature and may vary in shape, size and color, and they may seem imperfect in texture. Amethyst and rose quartz may be light or amethyst may appear grey. This is not to be considered a flaw, but the nature of natural stones. 

                  This collection is for any occasion such as Abundance, Encouragement, Celebration, Inspiration, Prosperity, Meditation, Healing, Yoga, Balancing, Spiritual practice, Bohemian decor, Stone massage, Reiki, harmonizing home or office or just relaxation. 


                  EACH CEREMONY INCLUDED 





                  Your course will be delivered via email and you'll receive a login within 48 hours of purchase -- these emails can go to spam sometimes. Please email support@lifechangingenergy.com if you don't receive your login details. 

                  If you added the optional 19 piece crystal set set: 

                  Please allow approximately 10 days for delivery. If you have any issues, please contact us at support@lifechangingenergy.com within 7 days of receipt. Keep your box and send us photos. After that time, we consider all sales final. 

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