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Join us in Level 1: Fundamentals
and get TWO of the Level 2 certifications FREE 

Join us in Level 1: Fundamentals
and get TWO of the Level 2 certifications 

(crystal singing bowls & tuning forks courses)


Your invitation to join us as a certified sound healer ....

Science is finally catching up to what our ancestors already knew --
that our mind, body, and spirit experience healing through sound.

The use of sound and frequency therapy is a hot trend in the healing arts and now is the perfect time for you to join the wave and learn about this magical healing modality. You can then use your knowledge to help grow or start your business, improve your own healing journey, and help family and friends.

Once only used in ancient cultures, science is proving the benefits of sound healing. More and more people are looking for alternative methods to create holistic well-being, especially methods that address the mind, body and spirit. Now, sound healing practices can be found in medical facilities, corporate wellness programs, elder care facilities, holistic health centers, life coaching, personal development programs and more.

If you feel called to this work and have been wanting to add sound healing to your toolkit, our Sound Healing certification programs are a fantastic place to get new knowledge and skills.

“In sound we are born, in sound we are healed” ― Mehtab Benton


Sound Healer Certification

New Content Added for 2023!

"This is the only sound healing certification course I know of that comes with ongoing
support and community post-certification.”   ― Christine F.

"This is the only sound healing certification course I know of that comes with ongoing support and community post-certification.”   ― Christine F.

Level 1

(value $837)


  • The History and Evolution of Sound Healing
  • The Science of Sound Healing
  • Benefits of Sound Therapy
  • Concepts from Sound, Frequency and Vibrational Therapy
  • Applications for Emotional, Physical, Mental Well-being
  • Common Responses to Sound Healing
  • Overview of Playing Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Singing Pyramids and nature sound instruments
  • Cymatics and Binaurals
  • The Future of Sound Healing
  • Community and Support
  • BONUS: "Everything About Chakras, Crystals, Zodiac" and "Standing in the Gap"
  • Lifetime Access
  • Continuing Education Hours



Over 94% off with TWO
Level 2
Courses FREE

Over 94% off with TWO Level 2
Courses FREE

Level 1

(value $1674

2 Complete Certifications

  • Level 2: Crystal Singing Bowl                       Certification
  • Level 2: Tuning Fork                              Certification
  • Level 2: Tuning Fork                                       Certification
  • Singing Pyramid Masterclass
  • In Depth Instruction on How to Play the Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks and Singing Pyramids
  • Know the tool to use for each mind-body-soul complaint
  • 432hz vs 440 hz, Solfeggio frequencies and more
  • Addressing Chakra Ailments
  • How to Conduct Sound Healings and Sound Baths
  • Preparing Clients for Healing
  • How to Help Your Clients through Negative Responses
  • BONUS: The Business of Being a Healer Summit
  • BONUS: Crystal Singing Harp
  • Lifetime Access
  • Continuing Education Hours



FREE with Level 

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(Immediate Access Level 1 & Level 2: Crystal Singing Bowls and Tuning forks, instruments sold separately) 


Our Sound Healer Courses are Accredited through The Complementary Medical Association 

**** Hours have been accepted by Yoga Alliance ***

💕 Here's What They Say ....


Who's teaching this program? 

Vickie Gould is a sound and energy healer and owner of Life Changing Energy. She is known as the "Energy Shifter" and has shared the healing sounds of singing bowls, tuning forks, singing pyramids, sound drums and more on her social media channels which have been watched by well over 10.7 million people across the world.

Vickie found frequency healing through her diagnosis of Chronic Lyme Disease after traditional methods failed. She was spending 16-18 hours in bed daily, watching her children grow up by the side of her bed. At age 37, she felt she still had so much to do and she wanted not just to survive, but thrive. She used her frustration and grit to research and became a Master Herbalist, Reiki Master, and Law of Attraction practitioner. Since then, she's been a huge advocate of self-care, energy and sound therapy, and holistic mind-body-soul healing.

Vickie is a 11x best selling author with books on crystals, chakras, Law of Attraction, writing and growing businesses. She has been featured on NBC, entrepreneur.com, The OM Times, HuffPost, Tedx UofM, and has graced Lisa Nichols' stage. She's also been featured on summits alongside Joe Vitale and T. Have Eker.

She is a finalist for the Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2023 Michigan and Northwest Ohio Award. Finalists were evaluated based on their demonstration of building long-term value through entrepreneurial spirit, purpose, growth and impact, among other core contributions and attributes.


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Not only will you become certified in The Fundamentals of Sound Healing, but you'll also get 2 of my best selling ebooks, so you can also learn about crystal healing and Law of Attraction manifestation techniques.


Everything About Chakras, Crystals, Zodiac


Standing in the Gap




Introduction and Disclaimer

Learn the best way to go through the program and what kind of disclaimer you need for your healing practice.


Sound Healing  Tools

Though we will not go into detail on how to play the popular sound healing instruments (there are way to many!), we will have an overview of some of the possible tools of the trade so that you can pick what's right for you.


The History of Sound Healing

Learn the history of sound healing through the ages: Egypt, Greece, Pythagoras, Plato, China, India, indigenous people, and modern times.


Effects of Outside Forces on Healing 

What could hinder someone's journey? Find out what could affect the success of sound healing sessions so that you can help you and your clients work through any issues that may arise.


The Science of Sound Healing

Learn how sound affects brainwaves, what the process of entrainment means, the use of binaural beats, the importance of water in sound healing, and cymatics.


The Future of Sound Healing

Find out what the outlook is for sound healing as a modality and profession.


Chakras (and Chants) and Reiki

Learn what the chakra energy wheels are, including the chants associated with eacchakra, and how reiki energy works.


Bonus: 2 FREE Books

Get two of Vickie Gould's best selling books - "Everything about Chakra, Crystals, Zodiac," and "Standing in the Gap," a Law of Attraction guide and journal to manifest your heart's desire.


Solfeggio Tones and Koshi Chimes

Learn how the solfeggio tones were lost and then re-discovered and find out why they're so important for healing. Also learn about Koshi Chimes, who created them, and what they are today.


Certification Test

Once you've finished the program at your own pace, simply take the test and pass with 80% or better and get your certification!


Responses to Sound Healing

Be prepared for your clients resopnses to sound healing, whether they are negative or positive responses. Find out why certain people have different reactions to the same sound.


Next Steps

What opportunities await you as your next steps? Do you want to go more in depth on how to use and play the singing bowls, tuning forks and singing pyramids?

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with Extra Bonus

Crystal Singing Bowl Certification
(value $387) 


Tuning Fork Certification 
(value $327)


Crystal Singing Pyramid Masterclass
(value $123)


When you enroll in both of the ONLINE SOUND HEALER CERTIFICATION: LEVEL 1 Fundamentals and Level 2 BUNDLE (shown above) ... 

You'll also receive lifetime access to The BUSINESS OF BEING A HEALER SUMMIT with over 8 hours of interviews from a dozen successful healers such as NY Times best-selling authors Christy Whitman, Gay Hendricks, and Lisa Nichols.

Also hear the behind the scenes of other 6-figure healers in specialties such as astrology, reiki, sound healing, energy work, sacral-cranial therapy, yoga, and more, including a shaman. Use their tips and inspiration to jumpstart or exponentially scale your soul-centered healing business. Value ... priceless!

Who is the Level 1 Fundamentals certification program for?

If you are an aspiring sound healer or someone who has an interest in creating a solid foundation of knowledge in sound and frequency therapy, this program would be great for you.

Perhaps you've experienced the healing powers of a sound bath, frequency tuning, or have had music move you to tears, and you want to dive deeper into the magic of sound healing and why it works.

Maybe you're on your own spiritual and healing journey and want to get an overview of how to play the crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and singing pyramids, but you're not going to conduct sessions or sound baths (or maybe it's just sound baths for yourself), then Level 1 may be enough for you.

How do I know if I should get the Level 1 and Level 2 Bundle? 

If you want to get a deeper understanding and get more detailed instructions on how to play the crystal singing bowls, use tuning forks and singing pyramids, then choose to get both levels. We go over specific ailments, how to know what instrument to pick, and how to apply it properly for your client. We also include how to guide them through what to expect with multiple healing sessions.

Maybe you're someone who already has a healing practice or you want to start a business and you know sound healing is an important aspect in your sessions. Then, get both levels.

Please note: If you get Level 1 only and later on want to enroll in Level 2, it will be at a higher price. This package discount is the best deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're someone who likes to skip to the end ....

  • I'm offering you over 91% off The Fundamentals of Sound Healing online Certification Program: Level 1 Fundamentals.
  • You'll learn everything you know about the history, background, science and application of sound healing, including common responses and detox purification symptoms.
  • We also discuss healing tools like crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, singing pyramids and instruments that create nature  sounds.
  • As a bonus, you'll receive 2 of my best selling books, "Everything About Chakras, Crystals, Zodiac," and "Standing in the Gap."
  • IF you decide to get LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 (another 94% off value for Level 2), you'll also get my programs for online certifications in playing crystal singing bowls, using tuning forks and a masterclass on how to play the crystal singing pyramids. Level 2 includes in depth content on speicifc applications for ailments and how to guide clients through their healing journey with you.
  • The LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 BUNDLE comes with the priceless BONUS of lifetime access to The Business of Being a Healer Summit which comes out in May and includes interviews from a dozen healers who share the behind the scenes of their scrappy beginnings, moving locations, getting their first paid clients, creating high ticket packages, and their best marketing tactics for growth. NY Times best selling authors Christy Whitman, Gay Hendricks and Lisa Nichols join us for this summit.

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Over 10.7 million people around the world have experienced Vickie Gould's sound healing baths. She is a 11x best selling author, certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Energy and Sound Healer, Master Herablist, Reiki Master and Ho'oponopono warrior who has been trained by Joe Vitale and Lisa Nichols (both of The Secret). She's well-known for being an intuitive writing coach as well, helping entrepreneurs share their expertise and stories through best selling books.

Through her journey with Chronic Lyme Disease, she came to understand the mind, body and spirit connection. This is where she immersed herself in learning more about energy, vibrations, and frequencies so that she could enhance her own healing journey.

She has been featured on NBC, HuffPost, The Mighty, OM Times and many other media outlets sharing concepts about intuitive writing, manifestation, energy and how you can live an abundant and fulfilled life of no regrets.

Questions? email support@lifechangingenergy.com

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