Tree of Life Bracelet and 7 Chakra Stone Set



The tree of life is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future.

A young tree starts out with shallow roots that strengthen and grow deeper over time. Branches start as small buds and stretch upwards, reaching for the sun and sky. Just like this tree, a person grows stronger over time and strives for greater knowledge and new experiences.

Carry it with you, wear one on each wrist, and you will feel its reassurance as you meet new ideas and endless possibilities.The dangling Tree of Life charm adds a touch of elegance to the whole bracelet. It commonly represents the interconnectedness of everything in the universe and serves as a reminder that you are never alone or isolated.It is also a symbol of stability, growth, strength, rebirth, individuality, and peace.

It helps us to see the need for development and metamorphosis and provides the balance and confidence necessary to further the process of self-development.

The left side is the feminine, receiving side, so wear your bracelet on your left wrist if you want to make internal changes easier. The right side is the masculine, giving side, so wear your bracelet on your right wrist if you want to help your productivity and control the energy you put out into the world.


Your set will be infused intentions and reiki by a level 3 Reiki Master.


Bracelet Stones: Amethyst, White Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Green Flourite, Orange Agate, Red Agate, red jasper. 

Chakra Set Stones: Red Jasper, red aventurine, tiger eye, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Clear Quartz

Sizes: fits 6.5-8 inches wrist, stretchy

Handmade With Love and Carefully Crafted



Release Stress and Anxiety

Each stone has a vibrational frequency and color that corresponds to a chakra. Negative energy gets trapped in the stones and positive energy is emitted, which opens up the chakras. This stimulates your immune system, circulatory system, improves your sleep, decreases anxiety and stress, and improves your relationships. You are also more strongly connected to your inner guide and higher divine wisdom

Create More Peace, Calm and Flow

The vibrational effect and energy from the crystals transfer directly to the person wearing it, giving you more energy, peace, calm, and flow. You may also feel tension melt away just by looking at them.

Get Rid of the "Stuck" or "Meh" Feeling

Because all 7 chakras are represented, each energy center of your body is affected. Once aligned, you will release that "stuck" or "meh" feeling, get better sleep, relieve brain fog, eliminate mood swings or chronic issues, and be able to speak your truth, improving communication.

Give Yourself a Positive and Bright Future

The energy generated from the tree of life gives you positive energy, good health and a bright future so that you can truly live life to the fullest.




We hand pack, intuitively bless and infuse reiki to your set. Please allow 10-14 business days for shipping.